Free Email Christmas Cards

Christmas e-card

The time commitment and cost of sending traditional holiday greeting cards has many people replacing them with free email Christmas cards. These cards are quick and convenient for sending holiday wishes during the season.

Send Free Email Christmas Cards

When you pick out an email Christmas card to send you should tailor it to your personality, as well as the message you wish to convey. Funny ones are great for friends and family, while religious ones are good for those who want to share their faith with others. Look for more professional cards if you want to send correspondence to your coworkers or clients. A general Christmas greeting card is always a good choice, since its versatility works for many situations. Don't forget to add a personal message to any ecard you send.

Funny Cards

Funny Christmas email cards are excellent choices for people who love to laugh. Kids and adults alike will delight in these free and funny options:

  • Christmas Complaints: Send this animated card filled with carolers doing a tongue-in-cheek holiday song that outlines complaints about Christmas to those on your list who are more "bah humbug" than merry this year.
  • Annual Mice and Cat Prank: Two mice dress up an unsuspecting sleeping cat in Rudolph's antlers and red nose in this cute animated card.

Religious Cards

Spread the good news by sending out a Christmas ecard that reflects your faith, like the following:

  • Matthew 2:10 Ecard: This card showcases the three wisemen on their journey to see the newborn baby Jesus, with the verse from Matthew 2:10 below a Merry Christmas message.
  • A Gift to Me: Multiple religious and holiday images, like doves, a manger, and a holiday wreath, appear before a message about what the recipient means to the sender. The final page has a Christmas message and the verse from James 1:17. A religious carol plays in the background.
  • Rejoice: A wintery church scene is the background for this card featuring a religious quote from Jan Huss. Pick from several Christmas tunes and enter a special message of your own. Don't forget to preview it before sending.

General Christmas Greetings

A basic Christmas message with appropriate graphics are perfect for sending to those on your list who won't appreciate a humorous, religious, or professional card. Check out these good options:

  • Special Christmas Greetings: A twinkling tree is set upon a red background while a short, rhyming message about the time of year comes across the card. An instrumental song is played while the Christmas greeting appears.
  • Happy Christmas: A polar bear and a penguin are on this basic ecard image with a simple message of "Wishing You a Happy Christmas." This is a good option for those who don't like animated or song-filled ecards, or to send to those with slower Internet connections.

Professional Cards

Let your clients and coworkers know you're thinking of them this holiday season by sending a professional online Christmas card. A great place to find great free ecards is CorpNote. They have over 25 designs meant to be sent from one business professional to another. Just a few design options include:

  • Doves on a blue background with the words "peace, health, happiness" rotating in a circle
  • Snowmen and women in business attire sending a Christmas greeting
  • A Christmas cruise ship with "warmest" greetings

You do need an account, but they are free. There is a limit of 10 cards sent per day. There is also a paid option, so be sure you only select the free option when signing up.

Ecard Tips

woman sending Christmas ecards
  • Sending a Christmas ecard to everyone in your address book won't win any popularity contests. For certain affiliations, groups, or clubs, it may be acceptable to send a universal card, but for most others, even coworkers, an individualized ecard makes a much warmer wish when personalized with a brief message.
  • Always double check the address fields and make sure they are correct. Some card sites will send you a receipt of sending your ecard and even a message when your card has been picked up.
  • If you are working with photos, video, or a free customized or personalized ecard, allow yourself sufficient time before the holidays to work with your selections.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to send your free Christmas cards; send them in advance of the big day so people will receive your message.

Send Seasonal Greetings Over the Internet

Free Christmas cards sent by email are a great alternative for busy individuals as well as anyone who wants to help out the environment and save money at the same time. With a careful selection, ecards can be just as meaningful as any other Christmas correspondence.

Free Email Christmas Cards