Angel Christmas Decorations

angel tree topper

For an inspirational look, add some angel Christmas decorations to your home. From the connotation of protection and love to the message of the Christ child, angels are familiar characters during the holiday season. They come in all shapes and sizes, materials, and colors, allowing them fit into any home's color scheme and decor.

Angel-Themed Christmas Trees

With the popularity of creating themed Christmas trees, it is no surprise that people are using angels as their focal point. You can pick angels up in a variety of themes such as child-like angels, Christmas angels, angels with musical instruments, animal angels, guardian angels, or angels in flight. Mix them up or stick to a single angel theme.

Angel Ornaments

Angel ornaments are especially popular in glass, resin, and wood. They can be painted on round ball ornaments or be stained glass. Find angel ornaments made of beads, fabric, and wood at craft fairs. To get your tree started, check out these angel ornaments:

  • Precious Moments Angel Ornament: If you're one of the millions of people who collect Precious Moments figurines, this ornament is a great choice. The sweet porcelain angel is beautifully dressed and carries a lit candle. The ornament costs $22.50 plus shipping.
  • African-American Angel Ornaments: Select a beautiful set of three African-American angels with brass wings inspired by Keith Mallet's artwork. Each set costs $39.99 plus shipping.
  • Snow Wonder Angels From Heaven Ornaments: This set of three resin ornaments is based on popular Christmas carols and features sweet angels interacting with Baby Jesus. The set of three costs $29.97 plus shipping.
  • Willow Tree Bright Star Trellis Ornament: Willow Tree is known for its beautiful angel figurines. This angel stands in a metal filigree trellis and holds a glitter dusted silver star. She costs $19.50 plus shipping.

Pick up some unique Christmas angel ornaments, such as the personalized ones available from ,or a more classical angel available from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Make your German Christmas decorations stand out by grabbing a few hand painted German angel ornaments.

Angel Dog Ornaments

Dog lovers will appreciate these angel ornaments featuring man's best friend.

  • Dog Breed Ornaments: Choose your favorite dog breed as an angel. Each ornament is made of hand painted stone resin and costs $11.95 plus shipping.
  • Black Dog Ornament: This cute dog is made of resin and surrounded by his favorite things. His wings are covered in gold glitter and he costs $10.00 plus shipping.

Angel Tree Toppers

Of course, no Christmas tree is complete without a topper. Find fiber-optic angels, angels with lights, fabric angels, or even ceramic or porcelain angels that can sit atop your tree. These angels may be just what you are looking for:

  • Lenox Adoring Angel Tree Topper: This spectacular angel tree topper is made of porcelain with gold accents. The topper costs $39.95 plus shipping.
  • Kurt Adler Ivory and Gold Tree Topper: This angel stands 16 inches tall and wears a luxurious white dress accented with beads, feathery wings, rhinestones, and gold ribbon. She's also holding two candle lights. This tree topper costs $20.00 plus shipping.

After picking out a tree topper, try to find a skirt for the bottom of your tree that matches the style and colors of the topper. It may be hard to find one to coordinate with all of your ornaments, so matching it to the topper can be easier.

Angel Christmas Decorations for Your Home

Go beyond the tree and add some angel elements throughout the rest of your home for the holidays. Every room of your home can have some angel Christmas decorations with a little creativity.

Bathroom Décor

Angel Candleholder from Nova Natural Toys & Crafts
Angel Candleholder from Nova Natural Toys & Crafts

Spruce up your bathroom with angel decorations. Hang up some angel's wings in lieu of your usual garland. Add a few angel shaped soaps in your basket for guests to use. Place a candle in an angel holder on the back of your toilet or on a shelf.

Kitchen and Dining Room Décor

Pick up angel dish towels to use in the kitchen. Set out goodies on an angel serving tray. You can even find angel dessert plates for your dining room table.

Family Room Décor

Hang up Christmas stockings that have angels sewn on them. Add an Advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas. Finally, choose from a number of table and mantel top angels for display, such as these:

  • Desert Angel Figurine: This angel is made of resin and features a finished look of desert sand. The angel stands over nine inches tall and costs $11.20 plus shipping.
  • Jeweled Faberge Style Musical Angel Figurine Collection: This musical angel is inspired by the intricate designs of Faberge eggs. The angel holds a gold and crystal lantern and is hand painted in rich hues of blues with gold accents. The figurine costs $39.99 plus shipping.

Outdoor Angel Decorations

After garnishing the interior of your home with Christmas angels, it is time to get out your outdoor Christmas decorations. Make sure you have angels for your outdoor Nativity scene. Make your yard glow with an angelic-like illumination by using outdoor decor with lights. You can pick up any of the following angel Christmas decorations to complete your home's outdoor scene:

Comforting Décor

Most people who use angels in their décor do so because each angel brings feelings of comfort and peace to whatever room they're in. As a result, some people do not put their angels away after the holiday season, but keep them on display year round. No matter what your reason for displaying or collecting angels, they're easy to find, relatively inexpensive, and add beauty and wonder to your home.

Angel Christmas Decorations