Artificial Christmas Trees: A Shopping Guide

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Keeping an eye out for artificial Christmas tree sales is a good way to save some money on your holiday tree purchase. Artificial Christmas trees last for years with proper care and storage, and can be found at low prices throughout the Christmas season.

When to Look for Artificial Christmas Tree Sales

The best time to find artificial Christmas tree sales is right after Christmas, so you'll be planning well ahead for the following year. Stores usually want to clear out all of their seasonal stock, so this is the best time to find deep discounts.

Check store flyers and websites in the days leading up to Christmas to see when their after-Christmas sales will begin. If you find a really great deal on an artificial tree, try to get there the day the sale starts to ensure there will be one in stock for you.

The week leading up to Christmas can also be a good time to find sales on artificial Christmas trees, especially if you're in need of one right away.

Artificial Trees Online

There are a few retail outlets online that sell artificial Christmas trees, and you can sometimes find good sale prices. Pay special attention to shipping costs, however. Since trees are large and heavy items, shipping costs can add up quickly and eat away at any potential savings you might enjoy from the sale price.

Here are some sites to check for artificial trees:

  • Treetopia - Treetopia has an extensive collection of artificial Christmas trees, from traditional to outrageous. Prices also vary a great deal, but you can get free shipping if you spend at least $100.
  • Tree Classics - This site offers lots of options, including different types of lights for your tree. It also offers free ground shipping on all products.
  • Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Company - Balsam Hill's trees look like the real thing. You can also find topiaries and potted trees, and even trees that are over 15-feet-tall.

Other Ways to Find Deals on Artificial Trees

There are other methods you can use to find cheap or discounted artificial Christmas trees, both before and after the holiday. Here are a few to try:

  • Check local newspapers and their websites. Most papers have sections where people can list items for sale, and you can usually get a gently used artificial tree for a good price.
  • Garage sales, markets, and estate sales are all good places to watch for inexpensive artificial trees.
  • Skip the newer, fancier trees with added lights and other amenities. It can often be cheaper to purchase Christmas tree lights separately.

About Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial trees that resemble real pine trees are usually made from recycled materials, though you can opt for those made of aluminum, wood, or other materials. They are available with loads of different options, such as pre-lit trees, those that actually smell like pine, and umbrella trees that fold up and down for easy storage and set-up. Advantages to using artificial trees include:

  • Environmentally friendly - Not only are they made from recycled plastics, but you're saving a real tree from being cut down each year.
  • Choose the perfect size and shape - You can easily choose the right size and shape of your tree, and you'll know how much space it will take up before you begin your seasonal decorating.
  • Save money - Though an artificial Christmas tree costs more than a fresh tree initially, it lasts for years, making it the more frugal choice.

Watch For Sales and Be Ready to Buy

If you know you're going to be in the market for an artificial Christmas tree, keep looking through the sales flyers and watch for advertisements as soon as the Christmas-themed items start appearing in stores. Most retail stores, especially large chains like Target and WalMart, get quite competitive for your shopping dollars, and you can take advantage of this if you're a careful shopper.

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Artificial Christmas Trees: A Shopping Guide