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Candy Cane Christmas Tree

Beth Asaff
Candy cane Christmas tree

Themed Christmas trees are a fun way to capture the holiday spirit, and candy cane-themed Christmas trees give you a built in color palette and decorating ideas. Create this themed tree for a party or just for display to give everyone something to smile about.

Decorate a Candy Cane-Themed Tree

Candy cane-themed trees can handle a lot of different variations. As long as you stick to the basic premise, any alterations you may make to accommodate favorite or available ornaments will fit right in.


red and white striped ribbon
  • 3-inch Styrofoam disks
  • Red and white striped fabric
  • Thin red ribbon
  • 1-inch wide red and white striped ribbon
  • Fresh water pearls
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Red Christmas tree lights
  • White Christmas tree lights
  • Novelty candy cane or Starlight mint lights
  • 2-inch wide red and white striped ribbon
  • Red Christmas bulb ornaments
  • White Christmas bulb ornaments
  • Red and white ornaments of any kind, including snowflakes, Santas, sleighs, etc.
  • Candy canes

Ornament Instructions

Make two quick and easy candy cane ornaments to use on your tree before finishing the decorations with store-bought items.

Peppermint Ornaments

  1. Wrap several three inch Styrofoam disks in red and white striped fabric. Leave two to three inches of extra fabric off each end.
  2. Tie off the excess fabric with red ribbon to create the appearance of large peppermint candies. Loop a ribbon on one end for hanging.

Ribbon Candy Ornaments

  1. Thread a needle with red thread.
  2. Cut a piece of one inch red and white striped ribbon to 16 inches.
  3. Draw a small dot every 1-1/2 inches down the length of the ribbon.
  4. Push the needle and thread up through the first dot on the ribbon.
  5. String a pearl onto the thread so it rests against the ribbon.
  6. Push the needle and thread through the second dot on the ribbon, folding the ribbon over on itself so it begins to take on the appearance of a piece of ribbon candy. Repeat for each of the dots.
  7. Tie a thin red ribbon onto the end to hang the "ribbon candy" ornament. Make several to hang.

Steps for Decorating the Tree

  1. String a set of red lights onto the tree, leaving approximately six inches between each strand as it wraps around.
  2. Decorating a candy cane-themed Christmas tree
    String a set of white lights onto the tree, stringing them in between the red lights to give the tree the appearance of a candy cane.
  3. String on a set of novelty candy cane or Starlight mint lights, keeping these lights on the very ends of the branches as if it were a garland.
  4. Hang red and white ornaments onto the tree in stripes. Keep the red ornaments in line with the red lights whenever possible, and the white ornaments in line with the white lights.
  5. Hang the candy ornaments you made evenly over the tree.
  6. Wrap a red and white striped ribbon around the tree between the ornaments.
  7. Hang candy canes from each of the remaining empty branches on the tree.

How to Make a Tabletop Candy Cane Tree

In addition to having a themed tree, a small tabletop tree made out of candy canes is a fun addition to any home.


  • Byers Choice Candy Cane Tree
    16-inch Styrofoam cone
  • Hot glue gun
  • Candy canes
  • Spray fixative


  1. Unwrap the candy canes.
  2. Glue a row of candy canes so their hooks point upward to the top of the cone. The canes should come together at the top just above the cone.
  3. Glue a second row of candy canes on top of the first with the canes nestled just below the first set of canes.
  4. Continue gluing overlapping rows of candy canes down the cone until you cannot fit a full candy cane onto the cone. The tree will get gradually wider as you work your way down.
  5. Break the stems of some candy canes so you can fit their canes along the bottom of the tree.
  6. Spray your tree with fixative to prevent the candy from becoming sticky or attracting insects.

Decorate with Candy Canes

Candy canes make a fun and festive decoration for any area of the house. Whether you choose to make a candy cane-themed tree, or a small tabletop tree as a dining room centerpiece, you're sure to help sweeten the holiday for everyone who visits.

Candy Cane Christmas Tree