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Article Highlight: Santa Claus Mailing Address: Letters From the North Pole

As long as there's Christmas, children will be writing letters to Santa. Luckily, Santa has plenty of helpers all around the world who help him stay organized and make sure those letters receive a response. From… Keep reading »

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Christmas is a magical time of year for kids and adults. From festive foods and family gatherings to holiday decorations and attire, there's a lot to learn about Christmas. Get to know the ins and outs of this winter holiday, and maybe you'll find some new traditions to start with your own family.

What Is Christmas?

From a religious view, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and you can learn all about this event and other spiritual traditions in Christmas religious stories. For others, Christmas is a fun family time to receive a visit from Father Christmas or Santa Claus and his eight reindeer. Test your knowledge of what Christmas is all about with a Christmas trivia quiz.

Christmas Eve Activities

The night before Christmas is called Christmas Eve, and it's arguably more exciting than Christmas Day as the anticipation and excitement builds. Many kids and family count down the days 'til Christmas with calendars or modern traditions such as Elf on the Shelf. You can gather the family to see where Santa is using Christmas Eve tracking reports then test out expert tips on how to help kids of all ages fall asleep on Christmas Eve.

Classic Christmas Traditions

Traditions are a huge part of the holiday season for many people. Christmas traditions can express your religious beliefs and cultural heritage, or they can simply reflect your family's unique holiday spirit.

Christmas Words to Share

A big part of the Christmas season is spreading good will and holiday cheer.

Traditions for Kids at Christmas

Although waking up on Christmas morning to open gifts is the main activity for kids on Christmas, there are other activities they can look forward to.

Christmas Cookie Fun

Find out what your favorite Christmas cookie says about you then bake up a few batches. If you're making gingerbread men, check out all the different gingerbread faces you can use to give your cookies lots of personality.

Learn About Christmas

Learn all about Christmas then share your knowledge of things like the origins of the phrase "Merry Christmas" or how candy canes were first made as part of your holiday celebration. When you understand what Christmas is all about and why different traditions exist, you'll be better equipped to make the holiday special and meaningful for your friends and family. Make your Christmas break the best one ever with great tips and resources for celebrating this festive time.

About Christmas