Christmas Books, Poems & Movies to Brighten the Season

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12 Christmas Movies With Dogs to Watch With Your Pup

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Mother reading Christmas story to her children

There are a million different ways to celebrate the Christmas season. Some people bake cookies and decorate their homes; others sled, go on sleigh rides, and sing Christmas carols through the streets. Still, others choose to curl up in front of a crackling fire, read Christmas books and Christmas poems, and watch Christmas movies in their Christmas jammies. Nestling in with your favorite holiday themed book or film is a perfect way to revel in the season.

Kick Off the Season With Christmas Books

Christmas stories provide a fun and entertaining reminder about the true spirit of Christmas and why it's celebrated. You can create lasting holiday memories by reading holiday favorites like The Polar Express to your children on Christmas Eve, or by reading How The Grinch Stole Christmas after a large holiday dinner. Work in holiday multicultural books to educate your kids on different cultures, traditions, and celebrations enjoyed by people all over the world. Consider sharing religious Christmas stories with kids to deepen their understanding of some holiday elements rooted in faith. Play off your love of holiday stories by getting the entire family to tell their own holiday tales. Creating funny Christmas stories might just become a brand new tradition for your family to enjoy.

Many of your favorite Christmas books carry an interesting backstory. Your family may find themselves intrigued with the history of who, what, when, where, why, and how their favorite Christmas book came into being. Sharing a captivating tidbit before reading or a Christmas classic adds a touch of nostalgia and a greater appreciation to your family tradition. One such interesting backstory is the famous poem, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

You may also choose to countdown to Christmas with an advent calendar made entirely of holiday-themed books. These books can be passed down for generations to become treasured family heirlooms.

Backstories and Christmas Story/Movie Trivia

Other interesting notes about your favorite Christmas books and films include biographies and behind-the-scenes movie trivia. You can explore how these creative stories have shaped present-day Christmas celebrations and holiday culture. A few glimpses into some of these include:

  • In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, animator Chuck Jones included a few elements of his own physical appearance into the Grinch as a way to capture the desired facial expressions.
  • It's a Wonderful Life was once considered subversive and pro-Communist in its negative portrayal of the capitalist banker Mister Potter pitted against the common man George Bailey.
  • Disney first rejected Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas for being "too dark" for a Christmas film.

Turn your love of Christmas movie trivia into a fun family activity to engage in over the holidays. Trivia nights are something that the entire family will look forward to, and putting a holiday spin on the activity will be something special during the festive season.

Christmas Poems

Some of the Christmas books available include humorous Christmas poems that provide a jolly break from the crazy rush swirling about Christmas celebrations. You can entertain your children while waiting in line to see Santa with a few Christmas poems. For those celebrating the birth of Christ, there are many books of Christian Christmas poems. You can also pour your feelings into a romantic Christmas poem for the object of your affection.

Poetry is something that the entire family can get in on. Use short Christmas poems to teach children how to construct lines of poetry. Pair their poetic creations with holiday art, and frame them for loved ones as unique holiday gift offerings.

Magical Movies for the Holiday Season

There's nothing better than putting the family in matching Christmas jammies, curling up on the couch with mugs of warm cocoa, and turning on a classic holiday movie. If your family loves watching films together, you are in luck during the holiday season. There are so many festive movies to enjoy. You could watch a different one every night and STILL not get through them all! Consider watching funny Christmas movies, claymation Christmas movies, must-see Christmas movies, or even some of the all-time worst holiday movies during the months leading up to December 25th. The kids will especially love Disney Christmas movies, and there are plenty of Hallmark holiday flicks for those hours after the kids go to sleep! Use this movie time to reconnect and bond with your kin over the spirited season.

Add Christmas Books, Poems and Films to Your Holiday Traditions

There's always room to establish new traditions along with the old. For example, the cherished classic A Charlie Brown Christmas often shares the stage with newer movies like The Christmas Chronicles. Christmas films and books provide a variety of stories for your family to enjoy throughout the entire holiday season.

Christmas Books, Poems & Movies to Brighten the Season