Christmas Decorations to Make Any Space Festive

When to Decorate for Christmas to Maximize Your Holiday Spirit 

When to Decorate for Christmas to Maximize Your Holiday Spirit 

Some people are passionately against getting into the Christmas spirit prior to Thanksgiving. Others start prepping their voices to sing along with Mariah Carey on the radio as soon as November 1st hits. Maybe… Keep reading »

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The Christmas season is all about sharing your holiday spirit and spreading joy. A great way to highlight the festive nature of Christmas is to go all out with your decor. No matter the size or shape of your space, make sure that it is decked out for the holidays with dazzling and inspiring Christmas decorations.

Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree is often the focal point of indoor holiday decorations, and shopping for a tree or pulling an artificial tree out of storage often marks the beginning of the Christmas season for countless people. Many holiday decorators get giddy when choosing their tree's theme from year to year, and many take great care to make it look spectacular. When it comes to the aesthetic and vibe of your tree, you can adorn it with stunning ribbon, go with a candy cane theme or choose to play on whimsy and wonder or rustic touches and vintage flair.

Knowing how to go about decorating your tree is a key component in tree design. Following simple decor steps will ensure your tree trimming goes off without a hitch. Be sure to hang lights properly on your tree and tie the entire look together with a tree skirt and a perfect tree stand or a vintage Christmas tree stand.

Gingerbread Houses

Creating a gingerbread house, whether from a pattern or a design you create yourself, can be an enjoyable Christmas activity for the entire family. Building a gingerbread house can be fun, but decorating the house is where the real magic happens. Get inspired by stunning pictures of gingerbread houses that are true works of art, or create something unique nobody has yet seen. Use gingerbread house decorating to inspire a Christmas party for the kids. Make the activity a competition, with friends and family facing off to see who comes up with the prettiest house, the most unique house, and the neatest house. Perhaps annual gingerbread house decorating will become a new holiday tradition for your family?

Exterior Decorations

The outside of your home can be as impressive, or even more impressive, than the decorations within your home. Your front door serves as a welcoming indication of the Christmas season. The right lawn decorations like inflatables or other wonderful and festive outdoor decor can make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

Many people pull out their trusty ladders and string lights on the exterior of their homes. Know basic safety tips when performing this annual feat. Take some time to learn about the different types of lights to string up on your abode. If you are super savvy with the decor, try incorporating musical lights or animated lights into your exterior holiday design.

Mantel Decor

Make your mantels and shelves merry and bright during December. Use greenery and faux candles to set a warm and glowy mood in the winter months, or showcase your assortment of nutcrackers and holiday paraphernalia on the fireplace mantel. Be sure to leave space for those stockings! You can make felt stockings, needlepoint stockings, or personalized stockings to showcase in your home.

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are traditionally displayed on the front door or over a fireplace mantel. Artificial wreaths can rival fresh wreaths in beauty and can be made from various materials, including candy canes or rustic elements. Whether you choose to make your own wreath or purchase one, these staple holiday decorative elements will surely brighten up your entryway.

Festive DIY Decor

Between entertaining, gift-giving, and decor, Christmas can cost a fortune. Creating holiday decorations with your own two hands can help to keep the cost at a minimum. Find a few DIY Christmas decorations to work into your chosen holiday theme. Play on candy for decorative holiday inspiration or use wine bottles in unique Christmas crafts. Make homemade ornaments, Christmas cards, and garlands to display in your house.

Small Space Decor

Just because you are celebrating the holidays in a small space doesn't mean that you can't go all out in the Christmas decorations department. There are tons of fun holiday decoration ideas for college kids to work into their dorm rooms. Apartment living might mean you can't put up a seven-foot-tall tree, but you can still fashion a small tree or even a felt or beaded tree for your space.

A mainstay tradition of the holiday season, Christmas villages feature small village scenes indicative of winter and Christmas. Many people consider Christmas villages among the most important Christmas winter decorations and take great care to make them enchanting. Since they're small and easily stored, these villages are good for those with limited space, such as classrooms and small dwellings.

Incorporating Christmas Decor from Around the Globe

Different cultures celebrate the Christmas season in special ways. They have their own traditions, foods, and decorations. Work in some cultural variation by including Italian Christmas decorations, Mexican holiday decorations, or even festive decor from Germany.

You can also play on seasons of yesteryear by working in Victorian decorations or get inspired by Disney World. The wonderful thing about Christmas is that the theme is always entirely up to you. Think about parts of the world that you gravitate to and use these countries as your holiday muse.

Unusual, Out of the Box Holiday Decor

Traditional decorations work for plenty of people, but quirky and different is the only way to go for some. Consider adorning your mantel with unique decorations. Instead of candy canes and Christmas bulbs, think fairies and birds. You can even create unique spins on the stockings that you hang from your mantel.

Make It Merry

The Christmas season is the time of year when hanging bright lights or shiny tinsel is acceptable and encouraged, making it a magical time for those who enjoy a merry and bright ambiance. With so many options for decorating, from Victorian Christmas and Mexican Christmas decorations to a beach theme, it's fun to transform your space into a winter wonderland.

Christmas Decorations to Make Any Space Festive