Christmas History and Traditions

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Understanding Christmas history and traditions can make the holiday season much more enjoyable. It can be fascinating to learn from where traditions originated, and even more fascinating to learn that there are some Christmas traditions - like the Christmas pickle - that have no definitive genesis in history books.

Christmas Traditions

There are many ways to celebrate the holidays. Some traditions are culturally based and some are rooted in history; others are annual rituals established by families to mark this joyous season. Some traditions from the past are looked back upon fondly and repeated today with a sense of nostalgia. And while Christmas is technically a religious holiday, not all Christian denominations celebrate in the same way.

Around the World

Christmas customs are observed in different parts of the world and are often cherished and protected. And even something as seemingly simple as a Christmas candy cane boasts a rich history.

Significance of Celebrations

Both popular and lesser-known holiday traditions are rooted in something historical, but the meaning behind them can change over the years.

Seasonal Celebrations

Christmas is a global celebration, though it doesn't look the same everywhere. Though it all stems from the same thing, every culture infuses their own influence into how its people celebrate the holidays. Historical events of Christmas pasts continue to influence celebrations in present day. It's all part of what makes Christmas such a magical time of year.

Christmas History and Traditions