Christmas History and Traditions

Article Highlight: Korean Christmas Traditions

Christmas is not solely about religion in South Korea although its genesis is there. It is also about family, fun, and celebration. These factors bring many non-observant Koreans into the festivities. Their traditions… Keep reading »

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Poinsettias are a Mexican holiday tradition.

Understanding Christmas history and traditions can make the holiday season much more enjoyable. Whether you want to learn more about how Christmas traditions in England affected your ancestor's holiday celebrations or you're simply looking for new ways to mark the season, you'll find informative and entertaining topics in this category. Get an interesting overview of the history of Christmas traditions along with tips on how you can incorporate these elements into your family's own holiday celebrations.

Christmas Traditions

There are many different ways to celebrate the holidays. Some traditions are culturally-based and some are rooted in history; others are annual rituals established by families to mark this joyous season.

Around the World

Find out which Christmas customs are observed in many different parts of the world.

Significance of Celebrations

Learn about the meaning behind popular and lesser-known holiday traditions.

Seasonal Celebrations

When you're looking for information about traditional celebrations to mark the holiday season, there's no better online resource than LoveToKnow Christmas. Whether your primary goal is understanding the historical significance of Christmas activities or you're searching for inspiration to expand your family's holiday activities and observances, you'll find a wealth of information here.

Christmas History and Traditions