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Article Highlight: Russian Christmas Carols

Russian Christmas carols include selections created just for the season as well as beautiful traditional folk songs with a winter theme. If you've never heard these songs before, you're in for a treat. Learn… Keep reading »

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A gift of Christmas music under the tree

A little Christmas music puts everyone in the mood to shop for gifts and decorate the tree, and it also makes a nice backdrop for conversations at holiday parties. There are so many carols that everyone is bound to have a favorite. Peruse a variety of holiday music genres and related info, and you're sure to experience fond memories of Christmas past, as well as warm thoughts of holidays to come.

Holiday Music for Everyone

Christmas is celebrated in many countries, and in many ways. This makes carols almost as diverse as snowflakes. At LoveToKnow Christmas, you'll find informative articles on many musical topics from expert party planners and musicians, including:

  • Christmas music from around the world: Many ethnic carols have become part of the fabric of Christmas celebrations. You can also find carols from specific countries, whether you're looking for something with an Irish or Russian tune.
  • Humorous Christmas songs: Some Christmas tunes are funny by design, while others are rewritten to become parodies of the original. Either way, they're bound to make you chuckle.
  • Religious carols: At its core, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and many carols pay tribute to this momentous occasion. Handel's Messiah is one such classic.
  • Christmas sheet music: If you're in need of sheet music for one of your favorite carols, find out where you can either download or purchase a hard copy of 20 classics.

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Whether you're just looking for someplace to listen to Christmas songs or you need a karaoke CD for your next holiday party, you'll find a wealth of information in this category. Don't wait for Christmas season to arrive; start exploring these pages now so you'll be ready when the next holiday season rolls around.

Christmas Music