Christmas Songs & Music for All the Season's Moments

Christmas Song Trivia: Are You in Tune With Holiday Classics?

Christmas Song Trivia: Are You in Tune With Holiday Classics?

After a few glasses of eggnog, even the shiest singer will join in on your family's annual holiday sing-along. Everyone has heard the classics and sung the rhymes since they were little kids, but that doesn't… Keep reading »

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A little Christmas music gets everyone into the holiday mood, and whether or not you're spending your winter season celebrating the popular Christian holiday, there's a Christmas song or two that'll have you rockin' around the proverbial Christmas tree in no time. From caroling classics to modern rock interpretations, there's an endless catalog of Christmas music at your fingertips. Perfect for Christmas in July and all-year-round, here's just a taste of the Christmas music you love to hear.

Take It Back to the Beginning

Christmas in its broadest interpretation has deep historic roots, having gotten its time during the year from the historic Yule celebrations of the ancient world, which coincided with the closing of the year and the coming of winter. However, as Christianity modified the holiday into the religious-adjacent commercial titan of today, these wintry celebrations transformed, and music became an integral part of people's ways of celebrating the holiday spirit. The earliest Christmas songs were religious chorales or hymns, and musical developments in the 19th century prompted a more secular, joyful type of Christmas carol. If you're interested in historic Christmas carols, check out these various tunes from the past.

  • Christmas Carols in the Public Domain - If you're looking for transcripts of traditional Christmas carol compositions to play at your next family get-together or holiday performance, carols in the public domain are perfect for you.
  • Handel's Famous Christmas Composition - Sung in holy choirs and secular settings, Handel's Messiah is a renowned traditional Christmas song which has remained popular for nearly 400 years.
  • The Beloved "12 Days of Christmas" - Elementary schoolers and adults alike never fail to join in a raucous rendition of the "12 Days of Christmas" every winter season, due in large part to its bombastic refrains and colorful imagery.
  • Past and Present Christmas Carols - When prepping the line-up for your caroling group, make sure to include both traditional and modern Christmas carols. This way, every person gets a taste of their favorite tunes from the holiday season.

Christmas Music for All Ages

With the Christmas season comes a never-ending series of plays, choir concerts, and caroling performances. Children, teenagers, and young adults all get their chance to shine during Christmas events and celebrations. Thankfully, there are a ton of Christmas songs that are appropriate for all age groups to enjoy:

  • Religious Songs for All Ages - If you're religious and you celebrate Christmas, these picks are the perfect mix of Christ-oriented songs to sing along with the whole family.
  • Preschoolers Can Get Into the Holiday Spirit - There's nothing sweeter than watching little kids joyfully sing and dance; and you can help them boogie with these Christmas songs that are perfect for preschoolers.
  • Christmas Music for Kids and Teens - Thankfully, most Christmas music appeals to a wide range of youth, and even teenagers will find holiday tunes they adore. Here's a smattering of some of the most popular Christmas songs from the past few years.
  • Rock Out to Christmas Music - If you're a die-hard rock fan, check out these classic to contemporary rock 'n roll Christmas hits that will have you singing through the season.

Christmas Music from Around the World

Living in the Internet Age has given people the unique opportunity to feel more connected to each other than ever before. In this way, you can sprinkle some global influence on your regular Christmas playlist with both traditional and contemporary Christmas music from around the world. The Germans, Irish, and Russians, to name a few, have Christmas music to offer that reflects their diverse cultural experiences and brings the sounds of their homeland to your ears. Among these global Christmas songs, you may just find your next holiday favorite.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Whether you like to keep your jam sessions within the confines of your car, or you feel most at home on the stage, Christmas music is meant to uplift your spirits and encourage you to sing along. Festive songs may be best enjoyed during the holidays, but Christmas music can really be relished any time of year. So, consider cranking up your Christmas playlist right after the ball drops on New Year's Eve!

Christmas Songs & Music for All the Season's Moments