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living room decorated for Christmas

When you say Christmas, one of the first things to come to mind is the incredible lights and decorations to be found both inside and outside of people's homes. And of course, the next thing that comes to mind is brightly colored wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. If you're looking for inspiration for decorations and gifts this coming holiday season, there are lots of options for you!

Christmas Decorations

Whether it's lights, wreaths, or an elegantly decorated tree, there are many ways you can be creative with your Christmas decor. If you're tired of the traditional red and green, consider other color combinations and materials used in decorating for a truly unique look.

Christmas Tree Styles

Have you ever considered decorating your tree with ribbon? Brightly colored and metallic finish ribbons can be used as garlands or bows to make your Christmas tree into a masterpiece. They can also make beautiful and inexpensive toppers. When decorating a tree, you want to pick a color theme and style, which can be anything from a rustic, country-inspired look to an icy palette using silver, white, and blues to emulate the winter season. Some people enjoy flocked trees, while pet owners enjoy tabletop trees to keep them out of Fido's reach. Whatever you choose, don't feel constrained by traditional choices when making your tree masterpiece.

Home Decorations for Christmas

In addition to the traditional tree, many families decorate other areas of the home such as the front door, mantel, and windows. The front door is usually reserved for festive, welcoming wreaths and brightly colored lights strewn along the frame. Another holiday favorite is the fireplace mantel, which can feature expansive displays of ribbons, ornaments, pine cones, and lights. Your only limit is your mantel size and imagination! The mantel is also a traditional spot for hanging stockings for everyone in the family, including your pets! If you host a holiday dinner, you should also consider a table decoration, which can be as simple as some lovely scented candles or an elaborate display of edible treats like Christmas cookies and candies. If you really love Christmas and want to go all out, some homes will compete with their neighbors each year for the most ambitious outside lawn display. Make sure your outdoor light extravaganza doesn't blow your electricity budget for the season!

Christmas Decoration Themes

For some families, your Christmas decorations need to reflect your cultural or ethnic heritage to make it truly feel special. Others will prefer more religious displays as a reminder of what the holiday is truly about. Or if you're an eccentric personality, you may want decorations that are truly unusual to highlight your personality such as Christmas pink lawn flamingos and upside down Christmas trees.

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is a time of giving and while it's better to give than receive, for some people picking the right gift can be very difficult! If you struggle with how to pick a gift for a hard-to-please man in your life, or want to find a gift that embraces the solemnity of the season, you can pick the perfect gift. There are lots of ideas for showing appreciation to the teachers in your life along with some beautiful inspirations for gift wrapping. And if you're a big spender, consider some luxury gift ideas like diamond earrings and specialty chocolates.

Celebrating Christmas in Style

If you need ideas for decorating your home or choosing the best gift for your loved ones and friends, there are a wealth of slideshows to review to inspire you. Just remember that Christmas is more than just gifts and decorations and give some thought to creating meaningful Christmas Eve celebrations. Above all, it should be a time for family, friends and cherishing what's most important in your life as the year comes to a close. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Ideas and Inspiration Through Images