Christian Christmas Poems

Christmas poem

Although there are plenty of poems that celebrate the many traditions that surround this holiday, Christian poems focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Take a few moments away from the hustle and bustle of the season to share some of these poems with the people you love.

Poems That Keep Christ in Christmas

One Dark and Starry Night

Star of Bethlehem

On a dark and starry night
One star shone particularly bright
And led wisemen to the sight
Where a prince was born that night.

When they arrived upon the scene,
It was almost like a dream.
There lay the tiny Lord Supreme,
'Tween Joseph and Heaven's future queen.

The wisemen placed their gifts before him,
To show how much they adored him.
Their souls filled with joy to the brim,
As the angels sang their Heavenly hymn.

Now each Christmas we commemorate,
And rejoice with glee and celebrate,
The birth of Jesus, the one so great,
The Son of God, the Word Incarnate.

Christmas Church Bells

Church bells peal with joy,
Announcing Christ's birth once more,
As the faithful kneel.

An Angel Spoke to Mary

An angel spoke to Mary

An angel said to Mary, "Fear not."
And she said, "Let it be done as you say."
And by the power of the Holy Spirit
She conceived a son that day.

The child within her womb
Was no ordinary babe.
He was the Son of God,
Born into this world to save.

Jesus came to save all sinners
And redeem them for the Lord,
And we celebrate each Christmas
To show Him He is loved and adored.

Heaven Sings

All of Heaven sings
Hallelujah to the Christ
Born to save mankind.

What Christmas Is Really About

heavenly choir

Frantic shoppers crowd the stores,
Buying up bargains by the score.
Do they know the meaning of Christmas?
It's difficult to tell for sure.

Christmas isn't a race to see
How many gifts that you can buy.
It's not about cooking a ham,
Or about baking pumpkin pie.

It isn't about hanging lights,
Or visiting Santa at the mall.
No it really isn't about
Any of those things at all.

It's about the birth of Jesus,
And his true divinity.
It's about the birth of the Savior,
Who came to redeem humanity.

So stop worrying about those sales,
And getting caught up in distractions
Let's focus on what's important,
And be responsible for our actions.

Jesus is the reason for the
season we hold so dear.
So let's keep the focus on God
As we celebrate Christmas this year.

Find More Christian Christmas Poems Online

Many of the Christian poems found online are perfect for adding to holiday letters, church bulletins, and handmade Christmas cards. Just remember to give proper attribution to the author and request permission to reprint from the originating website as needed.

  • Heavens Inspirations features the work of poet M.S. Lowndes. The poems are firmly centered on Christ's birth and God's love and generosity.
  • Echoes of the Heart is another personal poetry site, featuring the writings of Marilyn Ferguson. The site offers about nine poems about Christmas, including Christmas Lights in Heaven and Angel Tears at Christmas.
  • ChristArt offers Christmas poetry with themes centered around charity, Christ's story, and rejoicing on Christmas Day.
  • Apples 4 the Teacher offers a selection of contemporary and classic Christian Christmas poems. This site is also a good resource for children's holiday rhymes.

Books With Christian Christmas Poems

There are quite a few examples of Christian Christmas poetry just waiting to be read. Here are some of the top selections.

Another Way to Express Christian Faith

Christmas poems are more than just entertainment when they focus on the true reason for this holiday. They offer readers a way to refocus on the birth of Christ and what it means to them and the world at large, and they provide a lovely way to share the faith with others.

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Christian Christmas Poems