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Christmas Art: How to Find It or DIY


Enhancing your décor with Christmas art during the holidays adds another layer of good cheer. There are many ways to use Christmas art in the home:

  • Replace existing hanging art with scenes of the holidays.
  • Invest in an easel or two and flank the Christmas tree with paintings.
  • Miniature prints and easels can also be used on side tables, as centerpieces, or as decoration along the mantle.
  • Use wall hangings instead of traditional pictures.

Seek Out a Local Gallery or Museum

Stop into a nearby gallery and ask the director for assistance. Not only might they have some artwork on display that will suit your theme, but they can also help you select something to match your holiday décor if you bring in certain colors or decorations. This experience may also spark new Christmas gift ideas. Additionally, the process of discovering art that moves you will be a gift to yourself. Many museums sell prints and posters of their collection. Go online to your local museum or, better yet, take a little trip to view some of your favorite works of art and buy reproductions in the museum gift shop.

There are also a number of websites with diverse Christmas art ideas.

Websites Carrying Christmas Art

Norman Rockwell

The traditional holiday ideal is wonderfully displayed in the work of Norman Rockwell. Two of the most iconic Rockwell holiday images are Santa at the Globe and Freedom from Want. The latter image is most commonly used during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it is actually part of Rockwell's patriotic Four Freedoms series. The Norman Rockwell Museum store website has a wide selection of wall prints and posters, collectibles, and even Christmas ornaments ready to order. Prices vary for wall art, based on medium and framing.

Christ-Centered Mall

This comprehensive site features Christian-themed work and Christian artists. There are two galleries for inspirational art: traditional Christmas and Biblical. The site features beautiful prints by many famous artists, including Thomas Kinkade, Tom DuBois, and Sandra Kuck. Christ-Centered Mall claims to have better prices than many retail dealers that carry the same type of artwork. Prices vary widely based on artist, print, and framing. Shopping can be done through the website, by phone, or by fax.

Michael Foreman

British artist Michael Foreman adds a bit of whimsy to his inspirational limited edition prints. Prices average $175, depending on conversion rates.

Make Your Own Christmas Art

Depending on what style you want to express, you can create your own Christmas art.

  • Give family and friends disposable cameras and have them take pictures of decorations around town; presents under the tree; scattered gift tags on a red velvet background; store window displays; the nativity scene on the front lawn of the church; and loved ones in fun sweatshirts or goofy reindeer antlers. Develop the pictures, then mix and match in frames to set about the house/holiday room. Some of these photos would also make lovely photo Christmas cards.
  • Gather the kids together with paints and crayons and ask them to draw Santa, a Christmas tree, a snowman, and other holiday images. Make multiple color copies, glue them together in a large square, and edge it with a bright red or green ribbon. Use as a fun wall hanging.
  • Another wall hanging idea is to work with the quilters in your family to create a Christmas quilt. Have everyone contribute a quilt block featuring a Christmas image, then stich them all together.
  • When someone asks what you want for a gift, ask for watercolor classes at the local community college or adult education center. Paint a few holiday scenes that you can later frame. Don't forget to sign them!

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Christmas Art: How to Find It or DIY