Christmas Carols in German

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Wondering where to find a few Christmas carols in German? We have some options for you.

The History of German Christmas Carols

It was way back in the 11th century when the first German Christmas carol came to be. Many of the carols sung back then were originally Latin religious hymns that were later translated into German. These carols had strictly religious lyrics: Christmas was predominately a church celebration and people did not celebrate the holiday at home. So, there were no jingle bells, tales of Rudolph, or istletoe.

But as the decades passed, Germans began celebrating Christmas both in church and at home, and those traditional German Christmas carols were adapted and changed to fit with a more modern society. Not only were these old Christmas carols more modernized, but new Christmas carols focused more on the holiday season, and did not have such religious overtones.

Original Christmas Carols in German

There are actually a few really wellknown Christmas carols that are of German origin, take a look:

  • O Christmas Tree - More traditionally referred to as O Tannenbaum.
  • O Come Little Children - Is Ihr Kinderlein Kommet in its original German language.
  • Every Year Again - This carol was composed by Wilhelm Hey.
  • Come Ye Little Children - This classic German Christmas carol was a collaboration between musician Johann Abraham Peter Schulz and songwriter Christoph von Schmid
  • Ring Little Bell - This carol is an old favorite amongst German children.

Finding German Christmas Carols

There are plenty of online resources that translate many wellknown Christmas carols from English to German and German to English. Here is a list:

  • Vista Wide - These German Christmas carols are listed in German only, so if you only speak English, you may need to use language software to know which Christmas carol lyrics you are looking at. If you scroll down toward the bottom of the page, you will also find a number of CDs featuring Christmas carols in German. You can even take a quick listen to a sample of all the CDs offered at Vista Wide before you make your purchase.
  • The German Way - Discover a little history about Christmas carols in Germany as well as a few Christmas traditions at
  • YouTube - Watch a few performances of Christmas carols sung in German on YouTube.
  • Christmas Projects - This website has a feature called Christmas Songs of All Nations and it includes a number of Christmas carols from Germany.
  • World Wide Christmas - Though this website only features a few Christmas Carols in German, the list will continue to grow over time. While there, you can also check out a few French, Spanish and Italian Christmas songs.

Christmas Carols in Any Language

No matter if you listen to them in German, English, French or Japanese, Christmas carols give anybody listening a little dose of the holiday spirit. Though those who celebrate Christmas only hear these songs once a year, everyone knows the melodies and lyrics by heart and you cannot help but smile and sing along when you here classics like Jingle Bells and It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas.

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Christmas Carols in German