Christmas Catalog

Making a Christmas list

Christmas catalogs are a nostalgic favorite that remain a great way to create a Christmas wish list and purchase gifts.

Christmas Catalog Nostalgia

For many of us, thinking of Christmas catalogs brings up images of childhoods spent with the Sears "Wishbook" or a similar catalog, marking the pages with our top gift choices. Did you fold down the corners of the pages or circle the things you wanted? It was a time to think big. Even if your grandma was likely to give you pajamas for Christmas, there was still hope Santa would bring a Barbie Dream House or a telescope.

The Modern Christmas Catalog

Christmas catalogs can be hundreds of pages long and offer thousands of gift-giving options. In addition to seasonal merchandise, they offer special gift-giving options, limited-edition products, and features like personalization.

The Christmas catalog may seem a bit out of place in the modern environment. The shelves at retail stores make hundreds of toys accessible every day of the year, and you can access a store's online inventory with just a few clicks of the mouse. However, the catalog endures. There's just something about flipping through a catalog that online shopping can't replicate. You can look at it any time and carry it with you anywhere.

Making your selections with a catalog and purchasing the products online provides the perfect blend of the old and the new. You can easily find products you're interested in by browsing through the catalog. When visiting the website to make your purchase, your order is processed quickly, you receive up-to-the-minute information on the availability of the sizes and colors you want, and you may be eligible for special sales and discounts.

Available Catalogs

A few stores offering Christmas catalogs include:

  • Every year, the biggest items in the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog hit the news. However, the store does realize that not everyone can afford a $6 million helicopter or wants a $20,000 suit of armor, so the catalog also features an assortment of clothing, electronics, home fashions, and other gift items.
  • L.L. Bean sells clothing for men, women, and children with an "outdoorsy" feel.
  • Furnish your home with the unique pieces of Crate&Barrel merchandise.
  • Lillian Vernon offers hundreds of fun and unusual decorative items.
  • The leading name in lingerie, Victoria's Secret, can deliver merchandise straight to your mailbox.
  • J.Crew offers clothing for men, women, and children.
  • Enjoy the stylish products of The Sharper Image, with everything from air purifiers to can openers.
  • Find the hottest fashions for teens at Alloy.

There are hundreds more catalogs available, from large retailers and specialty shops alike.

Requesting a Catalog

An online or mail-order purchase from a company offering a catalog will usually put you on the mailing list. You may be able to find a catalog in retail stores or sign up to receive one there. Most companies with catalogs also offer online shopping. Visit the website of your favorite store to see if they offer a catalog, or check out a catalog request clearinghouse like

Other Catalog Tips

  • Just like in the past, catalogs are great for creating wish lists. Mark the pages with your favorites, and leave them around the house for a not-so-subtle hint to your family.
  • If you're giving someone a gift card, include a catalog, so they can have an instant look at the things they can purchase.
Christmas Catalog