Christmas Cow Decoration Ideas for a Themed Holiday

Cow decoration with a bow
Tie a red bow around this cow to create a Christmas look.

Just because you have a cow-themed home does not mean that you have to put away your beloved bovines for the holidays; instead, make Christmas cow decorations part of your holiday scheme. Amping up your usual decorations and adding in some cheery Christmas calves will make your house ready for the holidays.

Decorate Existing Cows

You can leave a large amount of your usual cow décor out for the holidays if you add a touch of holiday spirit. Figurine displays atop a mantel, in a hutch, or on a shelf can be spruced up with some greenery and lights. Just like that, your usual figures are Christmas décor. You could also place sparkling faux snow underneath the figurines to mimic a wintery pasture.

Decorate your larger display cows by tying a large red, green, or blue velvet ribbon around the neck. A small package of jingle bells can be added for a holiday take on the cow bell.

Large outdoor cows can have a sleigh hitched to them, just like a horse. Adding a Christmas wreath around the neck of an outdoor cow can also make it more festive for the month of December.

Christmas Cow Decorations for the Home

Anyone who loves cows or wants to create a farm or western-themed home for the holidays can pick up a lot of home decorations that feature cows as a main element. Choose from any of the following Christmas cow decorations:

  • Cow Depot has a cute figure skating, Santa cow to brighten up any end table.
  • This adorable manger cow will add authenticity to any nativity scene.

Outdoor Home Decorations

The crafty Christmas decorator could make an outdoor display, using a pattern such as Cow in Tow from Wood Crafts and Patterns to create his/her own outdoor Christmas decoration.

Be sure to add a cow into any Nativity scene you put up outside your home as part of an outdoor Christmas decoration. After all, no stable or barn would look complete without a cow.

Cow Home Décor Stores

Shop for cow-themed home décor at various Christmas shops, farm and western stores, craft fairs, and even at online retailers dedicated to bovine décor. The following shops offer a wide array of holiday cow accessories:

  • Christmas People: Shop the farm collection to complete your farm theme and grab the plastic cow Christmas lights for your tree.
  • Simply Bovine: Grab a few ornaments, some lights, and even some Christmas cards in the Cow Christmas Stuff section.

Create a Cow Christmas Tree

To top off all of your Christmas cow decorations, trim your Christmas tree with cow ornaments and accessories. Instead of using tinsel or garland for your tree, wrap twine around it instead. Add a few small faux or real hay bales underneath, and then trim with any of the following ornaments:

As a final touch, sew a tree skirt out of black and white felt. Not a Holstein fan? Cut out a cow outline (use a cookie cutter for a guide) in your choice of color, and glue around the edges of a plain red, green, or white skirt.

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Christmas Cow Decoration Ideas for a Themed Holiday