Christmas Electric Train

Image of an electric Christmas train
Set up a train as part of your holiday décor.

Setting up a Christmas electric train set with your children or grandchildren on Christmas morning is a nostalgic scene reminiscent of the early- to mid-20th century. Make sure the special child (or child-at-heart) in your life does not miss out on the rite of passage.

Electric Train Christmas Gifts

Giving an electric train as a Christmas gift is exciting for all involved. The look of joy when the recipient opens the box to find a train will warm any parent's heart. A train set is a classic gift that continues to be popular into the 21st century. Purchase a train for a child who is fascinated with vehicles, moving objects, or has expressed interest in trains previously.

Christmas electric train gifts can range in price from $30 upwards of $100 or more, depending on how much you want to spend. Sets for young children are often cheaper, as they often are much simpler to use and have fewer details. Trains aimed at older children or adults, especially those featuring trademarks (like teams) are often much more expensive. These electric trains and sets would make excellent Christmas gifts:

Deciding whether or not to give a Christmas-themed electric train as a gift is up to you. Some children and even adults will delight in the festive boxcars and accents. However, the delight at the initial decoration of the train may wear thin come springtime. In this case, you may want to consider buying a decorative holiday train to put up just around the holidays.

Holiday Christmas Electric Train Displays

Decorating your home for Christmas can be challenging. After all, you want it to be inviting to both kids and adults who come into your home. Putting up a cheerful electric train decked out in holiday finery is a good way to entrance young children and delight the kid in everyone.

Many holiday trains are purchased on "subscription" plans. A price is charged to your credit card every so many days and you receive a new piece of the train. If you want a train by the holidays, it is good to enroll early in the year. Consider the following decorative Christmas electric trains for your home:

The LEGO, Norman Rockwell, and Polar Express trains mentioned previously would also make excellent trains to help decorate your home for the holidays. Place the train on a special table or coffee table. More expensive or breakable sets should be higher off the ground so small children cannot inadvertently run into them or break them.

One way to tie in your holiday decorations is to set up your train around a Christmas village. However, be careful to check that they are similar in scale or it may look odd. You could even get extra track pieces and set the train to travel in, out, and around village pieces instead of just going in an oval around the village.

Another way to highlight your electric train is to place it on the floor around the Christmas tree. This only works if you have minimal presents underneath the tree, no crawling children, and cats/dogs that will not bother the train.

Electric Train Set Tips

For those who have never used or set up an electric train, getting one at Christmas can be a new experience. Here are some tips for buying, setting up, and using an electric train.

  • Comparison shop for the train in order to get the best deal, especially if you have a particular set in mind.
  • Watch the day-after Thanksgiving sales flyers for extra discounts at toy stores if you want to buy an expensive set.
  • Read and follow instructions carefully when setting up the train.
  • Do not attempt to "fix" any potential electrical problems should your set be faulty. Instead, call the customer service department of the manufacturer.
  • Always supervise young children around the train set.
  • Do not submerge or use the set in or near water.

Remember to take photos of the set-up of the train on Christmas morning, while everyone is still in the pajamas. The experience is one you and your family will cherish forever.

Christmas Electric Train