Christmas Fireplace Decorations

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White deer with cranberry garland
White deer with cranberry garland

Christmas fireplace decorations make your home cozy and inviting throughout the holiday season. The fireplace is a focal point in a room. It deserves greater attention when decorating for Christmas. Many people decorate the mantel and neglect the rest of the fireplace area. You can incorporate an overall fireplace design to showcase elegant, whimsical, and country designs to complement your décor.

Christmas Fireplace Themes

The easiest way to decide on Christmas decorations for your fireplace is to select a specific theme. This can also be based on colors and styles that appeal to you. Make sure you carry this theme throughout your fireplace design. A cohesive fireplace design encompasses more than the mantel but also the hearth area.

White Deer and Cranberry Garland

Begin with deer for the centerpiece of your fireplace design.

Above the Fireplace

Select the main deer decorations to use above the fireplace. You can use any style of head or plaque you like whether it's a papier-mâché deer head or a resin one. Then, follow these steps to decorate the rest of the area:

  1. Place a twig and cranberry wreath around the deer head wall plaque.
  2. Make or buy a large bow to place at the bottom portion of the deer wreath.
  3. Drape a lighted twig and cranberry garland above the deer head with a V-shaped peak centered above the deer.
  4. Drape the garland on either side and secure each side vertically above each end of the mantel.
  5. Allow the length of the garland to cascade to the mantel.


Next, more twig and cranberry garland is draped over the mantel. Select a candy striped red and white ribbon to wrap around and through the garland. This ribbon will unite the white deer and cranberry colors and provide greater contrast against the twig colors. Complete the mantel decorations by doing the following:

  1. Position white deer stocking holders on the mantel to support red and green stockings.
  2. Add three smaller bows that match the one on the deer head's wreath. Place one of each end of the mantel and one in the center.
  3. An optional addition is to hang colorful ornaments from the garland suspended over the wreath and place along the garland on the mantel to hang over the edge at different lengths. Use solid red and white narrow ribbons for the ornaments.


On the hearth, place a snow-covered boxwood topiary on either side of the fireplace opening. Make bows for the topiary's stems and wrap a piece of ribbon around the topiary pot, tying a larger bow in front. Use the same ribbon as you did for the rest of the decorations to tie the theme together.

Elegance in Golden Style

Greenery with gold highlights creates a rich textured fireplace design.

Above the Fireplace

A wreath can be placed above the mantel, or you can opt for a less traditional approach using:


gold stockings
Gold stockings

Go with a pre-lit centerpiece designed for the mantel with gold LED candles. If a candle centerpiece isn't your cup of tea, consider creating another design yourself by doing the following:

  1. Set a collection of gold glass finials of varying heights in the center of your mantel. Go with odd numbers, such as three or five.
  2. If you prefer, place three finials on each end of the mantel. The odd number rule of thumb also works for anything you wish to display in the center or on the ends of the mantel.
  3. Fill apothecary jars with gold ball ornaments.
  4. Add large gold ribbon bows to anchor each end of the mantel.
  5. Display silk jeweled stockings of various styles evenly spaced along mantel.
  6. Support each stocking with a fleur-de-lis stocking holder.


On either side of the hearth place a spiral topiary in an antique gold painted urn or pot. Leave it plain or wrap it with narrow strips of metallic gold ribbons.

Woodland Alpine Fireplace Design

A woodland scene can be exquisite for a fireplace design.

Above the Fireplace

Hang a pinecone wreath over the mantel - one that's plain or one with a snow-frosted effect. Alternatively, forego the wreath and opt for:


snowy garland with burlap stockings
Snowy garland with burlap stockings
  1. Arrange pre-lit snow-covered Alpine trees on the mantel. Again, use groups of three or five of varying heights. For example, you can use three different heights or two the same height and one either shorter or taller.
  2. Place a snow-capped pine garland on the mantel.
  3. Select sisal style woodland deer, birds, squirrels, or owls for the mantel centerpiece.
  4. Optional: Place a series of rustic wood framed photos of family fun in the snow or past Christmases among the mantel wildlife.
  5. Hang burlap style stockings with snow-covered pinecone stocking hooks.

If you don't want to use animals as your centerpiece, give your fireplace a German feel by highlighting a cherished Christmas pyramid or collection of smaller Christmas pyramids.


  1. Place a burlap fleur-de-lis storage bin on one side of the hearth to be used for holding kindling.
  2. Next, set a large rustic style pottery vase beside the kindling bin and tie a bow around it.
  3. Place a collection of wood walking sticks inside the vase.
  4. Add large pre-lit snow-covered Alpine trees on the other side of the hearth to complete the alpine look.

Whimsical Fairy Decorations

Make it a Mark Roberts whimsical fireplace by using various Christmas fairy elves and bright colors throughout the design.

Above the Mantel

Hang a brightly colored ornament wreath or go with a personalized whimsical look by following these steps:

  1. Take a creative photo of your family dressed in elf hats or in complete elf costumes.
  2. Hang the photo or series of photos above the mantel using brightly colored picture frames or clipping them to garland.


fairies with jester stockings
Fairies with jester stockings

Decorate the front and sides of the mantel with the following:

  1. Secure an unbreakable multi-colored ball and pine garland to the front of the mantel.
  2. Drape additional garlands along sides of the fireplace, allowing each to touch to the hearth.
  3. For added whimsy, allow garlands to appear as though elves let the garland strands tumble to the hearth, with excess curled onto the hearth.

Choose one of the following to use as anchors on both ends of the mantel:

Add the rest of elements:

  1. Wrap faux presents and place them on the top of the mantel. Make sure the gifts are varying heights and sizes.
  2. Add lots of elves, placing some on top of presents.
  3. Hang jester style stockings or Mark Roberts stockings from the front of the mantel.


Create large faux wrapped presents and place on hearth, working with three varying sizes. Select Mark Roberts fairy ornaments to attach to the top of larger boxes. Place a large red wicker basket on one side of the hearth and fill with colorful unbreakable ornament balls. Be sure to add a couple of elves inside and hanging onto the basket for a finishing touch!

Primitive Country Christmas

Go for a primitive country theme with some specific elements designed to achieve that special Christmas look.

Above the Mantel

Options for above the mantel include:


primitive country Christmas
Wood nativity and country quilt on rocker
  1. Drape country style lace, small quilt or other fabric mantel scarf over the fireplace mantel.
  2. Place primitive style wood figurines, such as angels, tree snowmen or a nativity set in the center of the mantel.
  3. Select the perfect country stockings or primitive handmade stockings.
  4. Add hand-dipped tapered candles set in antiqued candle holders or column candles in footed hurricane holders at both ends of the mantel in sets of three or five.


  1. Set a rocking chair to one side of the hearth and drape a patchwork Christmas quilt over one arm.
  2. Select a Christmas appliqué primitive art lumbar pillow to make the fireside chair inviting.
  3. On opposite sides of the hearth place a set of hearth baskets loaded with logs and kindling bundles tied with red ribbons.
  4. Fill two or three sweater weave fireplace baskets with large red poinsettia plants.
  5. Set two poinsettias near the rocker, placing one on a footstool to give greater height.
  6. Place the third basket beside the kindling baskets.
  7. Set a fireplace tool set of black iron by the baskets and tie a red ribbon onto the stand.

Christmas Fireplace Decoration Inspiration

There are different themes you can use to complete your Christmas fireplace design. Be as elaborate or simplistic as you desire. View your fireplace as a vignette ready for you to set up, like the stage of a Christmas pageant, for your family to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

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Christmas Fireplace Decorations