15 Beautiful Christmas Lawn Decorations to Try This Year

Decorate Your Lawn


Outdoor Christmas lawn decorations are a beautiful way to spread your holiday spirit to the neighborhood and all seasonal passersby. With a wide range of different decorating options, there are many ways to create a lovely seasonal display to enjoy.

Coordinated lights and luminaries are especially welcoming for a holiday party or just to share holiday spirit. Symmetrical decorations on your windows and doors give the whole display an elegant look as well.

Christmas Gazebo


If your lawn has extra buildings or decorative structures, add decorations to them to celebrate the season. A gazebo, garden shed, birdfeeder stand, wishing well, or play house can easily be decorated to coordinate with lights and accents on your home.

Bright Reindeer


While house lights and light-wrapped trees are the most common types of Christmas lawn decorations, you can add a bit of flair to your display with lighted reindeer. Choose deer in different poses or animated figures for a more unique and charming display.

Decorate Trees


Instead of just putting lights on the trees in your yard, add shatterproof ornaments and strands of beads for decorations that will be visible in the daytime. Candy canes and bows are other fun options, or decorate outdoor trees with strings of popcorn and birdseed suet balls to give wild birds a Christmas treat.

Lighted Figures


Lighted figures are quick and easy Christmas lawn decorations, and holiday trains filled with colorful gifts are a popular design. Snowmen, reindeer, snowflakes, wreaths, and nativity scenes are other common choices.

Light Trees


Wire trees with white or multicolored lights are a quick way to add decorations to your lawn that still have a traditional, natural look. Add three dimensional lighted gift packages below the trees for a whimsical but elegant design.

Pathway Lights


When you're decorating your lawn, don't forget to add something special to front walkways, stairs, and entries to welcome guests during the holidays. Swagged lights are a great option, or use rope lights to line the edges of a sidewalk. Small trees, oversized twinkle bulbs, and candy canes are other popular choices to line pathways.

Window Boxes


Decorating window boxes adds a special holiday touch to your home when your spring and summer flowers are long gone. Silk poinsettias are a great choice, or opt for holly leaves and bright colored berries or pine boughs instead.



If you don't want to spend money on Christmas lawn decorations, opt for a fun and whimsical snowman instead. For more holiday flair, decorate the snowman with a Santa hat and seasonal scarf. It is even possible to create an entire snowman family or create a full snow sculpture scene.

Light Strand Trees


If you don't have any trees in your yard, you can use light strands to create one for the holidays. A tall pole in the center, topped with a lighted star, forms the center of the tree, and light strands are draped evenly in a circle from that center point. For a more unique look, alternate red and green strands of lights when creating your tree.

Lighted Villages


A lighted village scene can be a magical and beautiful holiday setting for your lawn. Wire frames support the lights, and you can choose a range of village designs, from Victorian to European architecture, or even a North Pole or gingerbread motif.

Gift House


If you don't have much to decorate on your lawn, decorate your house instead. For a more creative option than simple strands of lights, add an oversized ribbon and bow to turn your entire home into a holiday gift.

Spiral Trees


Spiral wire trees are a modern, trendy design for faux lighted trees. Spiral trees are available in different sizes, from small trees to line a pathway to much larger trees to frame a doorway or decorate a lawn. White trees are popular, but they are also available in multicolored lights.

Snow Angels


Add a spiritual touch to your lawn decorations with a series of carefully formed snow angels. This is especially appropriate to surround a nativity scene or other religious lawn decorations. Have the whole family participate to create personal angels of different sizes.

Fence Decorations


If your lawn is surrounded by a decorative fence, add a seasonal touch to it with bows, wreaths, or garlands. This classic look is popular for any type of home design, and there are many different colors and designs of bows and wreaths to choose from to match your personal preferences.

Enjoy the Season!


The most important thing to remember about choosing your Christmas lawn decorations is to opt for lights and accents that you enjoy. Putting up these decorations is very labor intensive and time consuming, but if you like the final design you will not mind putting them up year after year.

Looking for more holiday decoration ideas? Add Christmas door decorations to put the finishing touch on your lawn design and welcome everyone into your home for a very happy holiday season!

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15 Beautiful Christmas Lawn Decorations to Try This Year