Christmas Morning

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Types of Christmas Morning Traditions

Christmas morning traditions don't have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, the best Christmas traditions are simple rituals that express what the season means to you and your family. Your traditions can be based on your spiritual beliefs, your commitment to helping others, or your desire to show appreciation for loved ones. Examples of Christmas morning traditions include:

  • Cook a traditional Christmas breakfast for the family to enjoy.
  • Make a birthday cake for Jesus and sing "Happy Birthday" to help teach children the reason for your Christmas celebration.
  • Read the scriptures that describe the birth of Jesus before opening gifts.
  • Let the youngest child open presents first.
  • Create a scavenger hunt to let children search for clues to find their gifts.
  • Take a group photo of everyone wearing their new Christmas pajamas.
  • Watch a favorite Christmas movie.
  • Sing Christmas music.
  • Look at a family scrapbook with Christmas memories from previous celebrations.
  • Deliver Christmas cards and cookies to your local nursing home.

Christmas around the World

Many families decide to incorporate traditions that reflect their cultural heritage into the Christmas morning routine. Examples of Christmas morning traditions from around the world include:

  • In England, stockings are hung by the chimney or at the foot of the child's bed. The small presents children receive are opened on Christmas morning.
  • In Finland, families visit the graves of deceased relatives and friends to light candles on Christmas morning.
  • In Brazil, children wake up to find a small boot filled with gifts or chocolate on their bed.

Blending Christmas Traditions

For most people, Christmas morning traditions are based on childhood experiences. But, these traditions become more difficult to observe as time passes. When people move away from home, get married, or become part of a stepfamily, it's time to reevaluate priorities.If you've recently moved away from home, Christmas morning can seem lonely without your loved ones. Stay in touch by emailing pictures or video clips to each other. If you have access to a webcam, use your Internet connection to watch each other open presents or sing Christmas carols.

If you've recently married, start making holiday plans as early as possible. Share photos and holiday memories with your spouse while you discuss which Christmas morning traditions have meant the most to you in the past. Create a routine that combines the most important traditions of your past with new rituals that you've created to celebrate your bond with each other.

If you're part of a stepfamily, Christmas can be an especially difficult time. It's tricky to make sure everyone feels like their holiday traditions are being respected. To ease the stress, don't confine the holiday celebration to Christmas Eve and Christmas day. To avoid over scheduling, celebrate for an entire week if necessary. It's the spirit of the holiday that truly matters the most!

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Christmas Morning