Christmas Snow Globes: Buying Options & Gift Ideas

 Christmas snow globe

Buying a Christmas Snow Globe

Putting out a special Christmas snow globe is a holiday tradition that many households share. Whether that globe is a memento, part of a collection, or simply a sweet musical ornament, adding it to your home's décor is a great way to add a special touch. Snow globes usually have "snow" on the bottom that, when shaken, floats and swirls around the characters inside. Sometimes green, white, blue, red or iridescent glitter is mixed in with the snow, or glitter is used by itself.

Small, inexpensive Christmas snow globes can usually be purchased at discount stores. They are often made of plastic and cost between one and twenty dollars. More extravagant ones, made from ceramic, porcelain, crystal, or glass, can often be found at specialty stores like Bradford Exchange. Higher-end globes can range in price from twenty to hundreds of dollars, depending on what the globe is made of and the detail in the design.

Consider the person for whom you are purchasing the Christmas snow globe. If you want to start off a child's collection, small plastic ones are best. They do not break as easily, and children can be rough. However, for an avid collector and someone who is special to you, you may want to invest more time and money in the item. Comparison websites can help you narrow your search.

Musical Snow Globes

Musical snow globes are a popular form. Favorite holiday songs like 12 Days of Christmas, White Christmas, The Christmas Song and other carols are top picks for many when choosing a Christmas snow globe. Most globes feature only instrumentals to songs, not lyrics sung.

Music globes work by turning the base or a knob on the bottom of it. Some globes are standstill, but others have animated parts. The top globe part may turn, or figures within the globe may move. Ice skaters might glide around the ice, or dance partners may turn within the globe as the music plays.

An attractive musical Christmas snow globe makes a great pre-holiday or hostess gift. Here is a selection in a range of prices:

Snow Globes as Gifts

Christmas snow globes make a great gift to give to people during the holidays. However, you do not have to stick with Christmas-themed snow globes as your gifts. Think about the personal interests and hobbies of the person to whom you are giving the gift. Snow globes can be found with various themes and make great presents. Interests to consider include:

  • Golf, basketball, football, and other sports
  • Dance (ballet, tap, jazz)
  • Jungle/exotic animals
  • Tractors, cars, motorcycles
  • Shopping (purses, shoes, clothing)
  • Pets
  • Gardening

Whether you choose a Christmas snow globe for yourself, or find one for a friend or family member, they are a nice addition to your home's decorations.

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Christmas Snow Globes: Buying Options & Gift Ideas