Christmas Tree Shop: When to Visit and What to Expect

 Christmas trees

Visiting a Christmas tree shop and purchasing a Christmas Tree is a family tradition in many American households.

Often containing a variety of cut trees, shops are stocked with spruce and fir trees in shapes from short and fat to tall and skinny. Shops can be run by local groups, greenhouses, or larger businesses who service an entire area.

When to Visit a Christmas Tree Shop

Tree shops frequently open during the month of November for those who want to do some early decorating. Other popular times to open include the first of November, the day after Thanksgiving, the first of December, or a few weeks before Christmas.

The best time to make a trip to the shop is when the entire family is home. This may make purchasing your tree fall either early or later in the season, as schedules often collide. However, shops restock frequently in order to give customers the best selection. Avoiding the shop on Christmas Eve and possibly the weekend before is a good idea, as these are often extremely busy times. Weekends in general are often busier than weekdays.

Try to visit Christmas tree shops during the week. If you want the best selection, find out what days the cut trees are brought to the lot, and make a point to visit that day. Have your measurements handy so that you know what will fit in the tree area of your home. You do not want to have to cut branches or the top of the tree off if there is a better fitting-tree for sale.

Farm Tree Shops

Christmas tree shops found on a tree farm (or greenhouse) require a little more time and effort to get your tree. The trees are either sporadically placed or growing in rows. Cutting down your own tree can be invigorating and exciting for many people. If you want to visit this kind of shop, remember to bring the following items:

  • Small hacksaw
  • Larger saw
  • Sturdy gloves
  • Boots
  • Warm jacket
  • String (to tie the tree branches with)
  • Second pair of pants (in case you fall in snow)

Children should be dressed warmly. Sunglasses are another item to remember if the weather is sunny; snow can reflect sunlight into your eyes. Of course, the most important thing to remember is a camera. You will want a photo of the trip for a scrapbook or photo album. Have someone else take a photo of your family and tree to send out with your Christmas cards.

Other Shop Offerings

A Christmas tree shop sells other items besides trees. Wreaths with red bows are another popular item sold at tree shops. Other holiday items might be sold in a small shed set up near the tree lot or at the gate of a tree farm. These decorations are usually related to decorating your newly purchased tree. Items may include:

  • Round ball ornaments
  • Figurine ornaments
  • Tree lights in a variety of colors and strand sizes
  • Candles
  • Angels, stars, snowmen, and Santas for the top of the tree
  • Tree bases
  • Tree skirts

A Christmas tree shop may also sell hot chocolate, coffee, cider, cookies, and other snack items to fuel you during your search.

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Christmas Tree Shop: When to Visit and What to Expect