6 Christmas Tree Containers for Your Convenience

Packing up the Christmas tree

Many artificial Christmas trees come in cardboard boxes which are not able to withstand repeated use year after year, and this necessitated the invention of the Christmas tree storage container. With such a container, the tree stays dry and secure, and is easier to transport to the basement, attic or storage unit.

Choosing a Christmas Tree Storage Container

Most storage containers for Christmas trees are canvas, polyester or PVC bags look like duffel bags, only larger. The tree tucks inside the bag and it can then be zipped closed. These containers are available at hardware stores during the Christmas season and the few weeks following.

There are different types of storage bags available. The one a person should choose depends on the size and shape of his or her tree, where the tree is going to go and just personal preference.

Traditional Bags

These bags are simple duffels that sit sideways, just like most sports duffel bags. They have two carry handles; one on each side of the zipper, which is on top of the bag. A few examples of these bags are:

Wheeled Bags

Since carrying a Christmas tree can be cumbersome, many companies offer bags with wheels on the bottom. Some allow you to put away the tree in an upright position. Then you can pull it just like a large suitcase. Some examples are:

Innovative Bags

Every once in a while, a company develops a Christmas tree storage container that has some type of innovative feature not available on most mainstream bags. A few of these are:

  • TreeKeeper's bag that converts to a tree skirt. Just stick it around the base of the tree after putting it up. To fit the tree inside, simply pull the bag up to cove the tree top.
  • The TreeDuffle expandable bag that can convert from 7.5 feet to nine feet in seconds. It's good for people who may have switched from a smaller tree to a larger tree, and for those that don't like to measure.

Getting the Tree in the Storage Container

Most tree bags allow the user to place the tree inside them while it is still fully assembled. However, artificial trees that have removable branches are easy to store disassembled in most cases. One can either throw the individual branches in the bag or turn the tree on its side and put it in base-first. It's not recommended to begin with the top of the tree since it has a tendency to get squashed.People can also place sturdier ornaments, stockings and the like in the bag tucked up next to the tree. Sometimes this can even help the tree stay in place if the bag gets jostled around.

The Christmas tree storage container is not meant to hold real Christmas trees, even though it seems like it would be useful for transport. First of all, real trees do not fold up like fake ones. Secondly, the needles, and possibly the sap, could come off in the bag, which can be a real pain to clean out.

Other Options

The tree storage bag is the most common storage option, but people have also been known to store their trees in plastic bins, such as the ones Rubbermaid makes; in plastic garbage bags; or on top of modular shelving. It's always good to have a storage container that is watertight and keeps insects and rodents away from the tree.

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6 Christmas Tree Containers for Your Convenience