Christmas Winter Decorations

Image of glass snowman Christmas and winter decoration

The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year, so make the most of your time by putting up Christmas winter decorations that can be used before and after the December. By focusing less on the Christmas holiday and more on a winter theme, you'll save time and money by decorating for a longer time using fewer decorations.

Winter Themes for Christmas

Before putting up just any old winter trinkets, you should think about the overall effect they will have on your decorating scheme. Since the decorations will be up throughout the holidays, when guests frequently pop in and out, you want the look to be cohesive. After all, the reason you're choosing Christmas winter decorating as a design is to do most of your decking of the halls at once and be done with it.

Choose a winter theme that fits in with the décor in the rooms that are open to guests. The living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom are all areas that may need decorating. Winter themes that will work over the Christmas holidays include:

  • Snowflakes
  • Shades of the "winter blues"
  • Polar bears
  • Snowmen
  • Sleds
  • Horses/sleighs
  • Penguins
  • Birdhouses/birds
  • Ice skating/skiing/sledding/winter sports

As you try to choose a theme, think about what fits you and your family's lifestyle and personality best. After all, these decorations will stay up long after the Christmas tree has been trimmed and gifts have been unwrapped. Are you an animal lover, sports fanatic, or are you a minimalist at heart? This can help you choose a design that you will love for the entire chilly season.

Purchasing Winter Decorations

Most retail stores display winter decorations as early as October. Some stores even begin stocking winter and Christmas decorations as early as Labor Day. If your theme is specific, such as skiing, you want to start shopping early, because having a narrow focus may make it harder to get good deals. Do not be afraid to shop "outside the box" and check out unusual places for decorations, like:

  • Hospital gift shops
  • Tourist venues
  • Airport and hotel gift shops
  • Resorts

Of course, check out the normal shopping venues, too, like department stores, decorating shops, online retailers, and discount stores as well. Winter decorations are often grouped with Christmas decorations, so shop those areas closely.

Places to purchase winter home decorations include:

  • Pier 1 Imports: A favorite for many home decorators, you can visit Pier 1 to find seasonal home decorations.
  • Kirkland's Home: Visit your local Kirkland's Home store to find a variety of winter seasonal home decorating accents.

Adding Touches of Christmas Winter Decorations

Even though you have planned your holiday decorations around the season of winter, you still want to add a few Christmas-y touches throughout your home during the month of December. Since the point of decorating more towards the season instead of the holiday is to make your life easier, you want to be sure and keep your touches light. Add just enough to make it feel like Christmas, but not so much that you create more work for yourself.Think of easy ways to add festive touches to your current winter decorating scheme. Use any of the following ideas to infuse some Christmas spirit into your home:

Regardless of how you add in your Christmas touches, you do want to make sure you can afford it and that it goes with your theme. If you have a winter sports theme, put out a few figurines dressed in green and red ice skating, or a snowman with a sled leaning against him. For a bird theme, pick up some red velvet and tie a ribbon around a birdhouse and add a jingle bell.

Christmas winter decorations can really make your decorating budget go further. Not only will it save you money from buying Christmas décor and additional seasonal winter décor, but your time spent decorating, purchasing, and packing items will be greatly lessened. Consider making a winter decorating theme your main goal the next time you revise your home's design plan when it comes to holiday decorating.

Christmas Winter Decorations