Christmas in Heaven


Wanda Bencke is the author of the poem "Christmas in Heaven", a comforting rhyme to ease the pain of losing someone you love.

Bencke's Inspiration for "Christmas in Heaven"!

Bencke has had a life filled with both deep sadness and boundless joy. She notes that she was a teenaged unwed mother who gave her daughter up for adoption, a pain that remained with her for more than 25 years. Now, she and her daughter are reunited. This, Bencke says, is a gift from God.

However, that was not her only trial. Bencke and her husband had three daughters, one of whom, Lysandra, was born with cerebral palsy. Lysandra's condition was quite severe, but Bencke believes it was God's will to fulfill Lysandra's destiny in this way to inspire others. In 1997, Lysandra slipped into a coma and died five days after Christmas. During that anxious wait, Bencke wrote the poem "Christmas in Heaven".

The premise of the poem is simply that someone of faith should not worry about losing a loved one, for that loved one has gone to be with God. In "Christmas in Heaven", Bencke describes what the departed one sees of Earth from heaven, how serene and comforting it is to be with Jesus in heaven at Christmas, and how that knowledge should bring the grieving person closer to peace.

Bring "Christmas in Heaven" Closer to You

The poem has circulated around the Internet, in church bulletins, and in homemade cards, but there is only one official version of "Christmas in Heaven". It's on Bencke's website.

Bencke made the decision to give her life to God nearly two decades ago, and feels she can be used as an instrument of His words to help others. She is available for speaking engagements and testimonials. Contact her here.

You can also order a framed print of "Christmas in Heaven".

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Christmas in Heaven