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Company Christmas Card Sayings

Christmas card

Coming up with a company Christmas card saying for your holiday correspondence can be difficult. Organizing your cards can make your sayings easier to come by and help you fly through the cards.

Pre-Printed Company Christmas Card Sayings

Picking out a company Christmas card can be difficult. You want something that reflects quality and elegance, as well as your thoughts to the recipient. While you may be tempted to choose one that has a lengthy greeting, it is best to stick with short and simple preprinted phrases.

Unless you know for certain that all of your cards are going to people who celebrate Christmas, you should consider getting a holiday greeting card instead. Pre-printed sayings on these cards may include:

  • Thinking of you over the holiday season.
  • Hoping you and your loved ones have a joyous New Year.
  • Peace on Earth.
  • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
  • Season's Greetings

Avoid any overtly religious sayings or those that reference Santa Claus to minimize inadvertent offense. Stay away from overly "cute" cards that reference things like children or puppies unless you are in a related business, such as childcare or pet supplies. You want your card design and sayings to reflect a professional tone.

Include a Personal Note

The most important saying in your company Christmas card will be the handwritten note you include. Even if you choose a card with a printed sentiment, you should always include a personalized note to the recipient.

Employees or those who work under you should be thanked for their work over the past year and their dedication to the company. Mention how pleased you were with a certain project or how you appreciate them filling in when another worker was sick. Try to personalize the note to each employee. If appropriate, you could include an employee Christmas gift, such as a gift certificate or monetary bonus, within the card.

Sending cards to clients can be incredibly time consuming. If you have a large number of clients, you may want to simply sign your name to the card with a short "Happy Holidays!" Try to write a short note (if numbers allow) by saying something like the following:

  • Thank you for choosing XYZ Company for all of your insurance needs in 2006. We look forward to serving you in the upcoming year.
  • XYZ Company has been pleased to serve you for the last six years. Thank you for your continued loyalty.
  • As a new customer with XYZ, we have been pleased to help you meet your insurance goals. I look forward to a continuing relationship in the year ahead.

You may also want to send a business Christmas card to companies with whom you do business. Whether it is the contracted cleaning service, local graphic design studio, or car service, it is good to include them in your holiday correspondence. A simple phrase such as "We have enjoyed working with you in the last year, and hope that you and your employees enjoy the holiday season. Best wishes," in your own handwriting adds a special touch.

Other Company Card Tips

Beyond including an appropriate message to your recipient, you should keep in mind a few other tips for your holiday correspondence. As you contemplate your company Christmas card sayings, remember:

  • Handwritten notes are best, but if you do not have good penmanship, type or print them.
  • Sign your name to each card with a pen, not a rubber stamp.
  • Address work correspondence to work addresses; if you have a personal relationship, then you can send a private card to the person's home.
  • Use black or blue ink. Red and green may be festive, but can be hard to read.
  • Avoid adding stickers or other embellishments to your cards, though holiday stamps can add a festive touch.
  • If appropriate, include a business card or holiday discount card inside the envelope; but do not let the message of your card sound like an advertisement.

Remembering your employees, clients, and business partners during the often busy holiday season can help keep you in good standing with everyone. A thoughtful and professional sentiment within the card can make the recipient feel appreciated for their contribution to your company.

Company Christmas Card Sayings