Kids Christmas Party: Decoration & Theme Ideas

Asian girl with gingerbread Christmas decorations
Decorate with gingerbread houses for a kid's holiday party.

Decorating for a kids Christmas party should involve a lot of color and whimsical characters that children are familiar with and find delightful.

Kids Christmas Party Decorating Themes

Kids Christmas party themes should reflect their joyful attitudes when it comes to the holidays. Your elegant gold décor will be a wasted effort on most ten-year olds who just want to have fun. Use a lot of bright reds and greens, even adding in some lime greens or metallic reds for contrast.

Younger children will be excited to see their favorite holiday characters in the decorations, such as:

Choosing to make your holiday décor reflect a particular book or story can be a great starting point, too, as well as provide ideas for entertainment, games, and activities. The books and shows Polar Express, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Twas the Night Before Christmas, and A Charlie Brown Christmas can all be great decorating ideas for a kids holiday party.

A holiday party does not necessarily have to be secular, either. For a Christmas party that features Jesus and the Holy Birth, decorate using nativities, animals, and angel decorations that are geared towards children, such as the ones offered from Oriental Trading.

Kids Crafts Double as Décor

One of the best ways to deck out your home for a kid's party is to plan crafts that the kids do as they arrive, and use them to decorate the room. Kids will get a kick out of seeing their own artwork displayed, and it provides a great way to start off the party.

Depending on the age group, any of the following may be workable for craft décor. Suggestions for where to use them follow in parenthesis:

  • Christmas coloring placemats (table décor)
  • Paper plate Santa faces (hang from ceiling)
  • Cut-out snowflakes (wall, window, or ceiling décor)
  • Painting paper mache Santa light bulbs (centerpieces)
  • Paper sack reindeer puppets (centerpieces)
  • Popsicle stick sleds with names (name place cards)
  • Constructing mini gingerbread houses (centerpieces)

You can find other holiday craft ideas that could be used to help decorate your home for the party from LoveToKnow Crafts. Articles to check out include:

Parental supervision during craft time is important, especially when using hot glue guns, scissors, and other items could be dangerous. Hang items up as kids finish, and do not forget to send them home with the kids when the party ends.

Supplies for Decorating for a Kids Christmas Party

Make it easy on yourself and pick up party supplies from an Internet retailer. Red, green, and white streamers, tablecloths, and plastic silverware can be found in local discount stores and grocery stores. Instead of hunting around large party warehouses in person, use the following retailers to find additional supplies and order online:

Before you start shopping for your supplies, consider exactly what you need. With the expenses of the season, is it really necessary to order both dinner and dessert plates for a kids Christmas party? Decorations you will want to consider include:

  • Tableware (plates, napkins, cups, serving pieces)
  • Centerpieces
  • Ceiling hangings
  • Wall art
  • Streamers
  • Tablecloths
  • Balloons
  • Window clings
  • Indoor lights

In addition to having the inside of your home decorated, you may want to consider having a few outdoor Christmas decorations. Illuminated figures to greet the kids will make them smile in delight. They can also help light late afternoon activities at the party, such as snowman or fort-building contests.

Decorating for a kids Christmas party does not have to be an expensive elegant affair. Instead, make it a playful, fun event by using decorations the kids will revel in.

Kids Christmas Party: Decoration & Theme Ideas