20 Employee Holiday Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Be a Hit

Updated October 21, 2022
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Nothing lights up an employee's day quite like receiving a thoughtful gift from their boss, especially during the holidays. As a small business owner with a background in operations management and HR, I've been involved in selecting employee gifts many times. I'm happy to apply that experience to curating this list of employee Christmas gift ideas for you. Whether you choose one of the listed suggestions or if they inspire other possibilities, your employees are sure to appreciate and enjoy whatever you select.

Our Top Picks

For Employees Who Like to Be in the Know:
Audible Gift Subscription

Audible is a gift that everyone can personalize to their own preferences. If someone already has a subscription, your gift will provide them with credits they can use to add to their collection.
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For Employees Who Work Remotely:
Work From Anywhere Kit

Employees who work remotely or who travel for work are sure to love this easy to tote kit packed with must-have supplies that make it easy to work from anywhere.
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For Employees Who Love Selfies and Snaps:
Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame makes it super-easy for employees to show off their favorite selfies and snapshots. From family photos to outdoor adventures, this is a gift that's easy to customize.
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For Employees Who Are Foodies:
Dried Fruit Gift Basket

Dried fruit is a great Christmas gift for the foodies on your team, as it fits into most ways of eating. The lucky recipients can eat it themselves or share with others at holiday potlucks.
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For Employees With Every Interest :
Insulated Water/Coffee Bottle

A high-quality insulated beverage container is a great gift for just about everyone. From team members looking to up their water intake to those who can't get enough coffee, this is an ideal gift.
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Choose a gift that serves the double duty of reminding your employees that they're awesome. These tumblers - which state "sometimes you forget you're awesome so this is your reminder" - come in packs of four. Each set has two colors, with several combinations available.


Your employees who plan to travel over the holidays will be thrilled to receive an audible gift subscription. You'll be providing them with instant access to a wide selection of on-demand podcasts and free audiobooks, as well as credits they can use to select premium titles.

This tabletop plant terrarium is a fun gift your employees can use to brighten up their workspace or living area. They'll just need to add water and small plant cuttings. For an extra-special personal touch, pair this gift with cuttings from some of your own houseplants or herbs.

If you manage a remote or hybrid team, this Work From Anywhere Kit is sure to be a hit. With 18 must-have items - from tech accessories to wellness supplies - packaged in a handsome vegan leather zip-up pouch, this kit is a true care package for people who sometimes or always work remotely.


Whether your employees work from home or in the office, a digital photo frame makes a great Christmas gift. It'll provide a fun and easy way for them to personalize their workspace - or anywhere else they want to use it.

If your employees are big fans of The Office or the place sometimes feels a bit like Dunder Mifflin, your employees might get a holiday kick out of receiving a trivia game based on the timeless TV series. Who knows? This gift idea might even lead to a team bonding trivia tournament.

If a trivia game isn't your jam, but you love the idea of a gift based on The Office, consider giving each team member a set of these fun bamboo coasters. Each one features a saying that'll evoke fond memories from favorite episodes.


Delight your employees with elegant holiday-party-appropriate dried fruit on a lovely wooden tray that converts to a lovely and practical fruit basket. Shipped directly from the farm, the fruit in this gift set is picked fresh, then dried without any added ingredients or chemical processing.

A sausage and cheese gift box is a great option for employee Christmas gifts, no matter what their plans for the holidays. This gift box is packed with shelf-stable snacks that they can enjoy right away or save for a Super Bowl party, or any other occasion.

A gourmet cheese sampler also makes a great employee Christmas gift. This upscale and flavor-filled selection includes several types of gourmet cheese (more than two pounds!), along with a nice cheese knife, some crackers, and a delicious fig spread to enjoy with the cheese.


Your employees are sure to love a gift that helps them enjoy the balance aspect of work/life balance! This fun gift set features kinds of gourmet popcorn and a variety of seasoning shakers, so it'll add a pop (pun intended) of tasty fun to their next movie night or TV series binge.

Provide your employees with an easy way to sample flavors from around the world with this global spice and sauce set. This is a particularly cool gift if global and cultural awareness is one of your company's key focus areas, but it'll be appreciated (and enjoyed!) no matter what.

A reed diffuser provides team embers with an easy way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in their work area. This is a particularly good option for employees who work from home, though it's also a good choice for employees who have private offices.


Give an awesome gift that will appeal to everyone on your team, regardless of their favorite beverage. This easy-to-carry Hydro Flask bottle is leak-proof and insulated, so it works great with hot and cold beverages alike. Everyone is sure to enjoy putting it to good use.

Want to give employees a gift they'll enjoy putting to good use outside of the office? A portable Bluetooth speaker is a great option that your team members are sure to enjoy. Choose a waterproof version so they can enjoy it inside and outdoors alike.

Are you committed to encouraging employees to enjoy better work/life balance and improve their wellbeing? If so, The Self Care Bucket List may be the perfect gift idea. This deck of cards is organized into three categories (life, love, and laughter). Each card has a positive self-care task to complete, which users can track to completion.


Want to make sure your employees have on-demand access to motivational words of wisdom? Gift them this cute and cool quote button! It comes pre-recorded with over 100 motivational quotes and inspirational affirmations, so they'll have on-demand access to powerful pick-me-up sayings.

Looking for a small gift that combines recognition and appreciation with the holiday spirit? The fob on this cute key chain is engraved with "You are a key part of our team," and it has a second charm shaped like a key that's engraved with a powerful phrase: "Thank you."

If your budget allows for gifting only a small trinket to each employee on your team, these motivational quote key chains are a great, super-affordable option. They come in packs of 12, each with a different saying, so you can hand-select which message goes to each employee.


If you're looking for a small token that's more holiday specific than a keychain, consider a festive tin filled with tasty hot chocolate mix. This set features four flavors, each packaged in a cute gnome-themed tin. You can break it into four separate gifts, so it's uber-affordable.

No matter what you decide to share with your employees, they're sure to appreciate the fact their boss took the time to remember them at Christmastime with a nice gift. Little gestures like this go long way toward establishing positive manager-employee relationships. Not only will you help them have a very happy holiday season, you'll be setting your team up for success in the New Year.

20 Employee Holiday Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Be a Hit