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Funny Christmas Stories to Tell This Year

You'll find numerous stories in a variety of sources.

Telling funny Christmas stories can help break the ice at holiday parties and bring a bit of jolliness during stressful family gatherings or shopping trips.

Hilarious Holiday Tales

While many people are familiar with the guffaws from the familiar holiday movies like White Christmas, A Christmas Story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Home Alone, they should also take a moment to indulge in some fantastic holiday reading.

Avid readers can find plenty of holiday stories to keep their funny bone tickled during the month of December. Funny stories offer a lighthearted break from what can be a very hectic time of year. Books to check out include:

Children's books about Christmas can also be quite humorous. Your little ones will enjoy these great holiday reads:

In the age of movies and television, books are quickly forgotten. Brighten up a Scrooge's day by giving him a Christmas gift of holiday hilarity.

Amusing Online Anecdotes

Funny narratives relating to Christmas can be found at many places online. From building your own silly story to reading parodies on holiday news stories, you can find a lot of funny reading to relax with on the Internet.

Your Christmas Story

At Your Christmas Story, you offer bits of information and a great holiday story is generated for you. With information about your favorite color, store, animal and more, the site A Time to Laugh will come up with a tale that can be e-mailed to all your friends.

The Spoof!

Read all kinds of funny news stories from Christmas. Articles range in topics from Santa's layoffs to three wise men's use of OnStar to the season's effect on social rejects and losers. Read archived Spoof news, satire and parody stories all year round or check back as the next season approaches.

Family Funny Christmas Stories

Christmas is often a time for families to gather together. Emotions often run high, from everything from joyous love to stressed annoyance! Take a moment before the family Christmas dinner or before dessert to let everyone share their favorite funny Christmas memory.

You can also turn comical chronicles into homemade Christmas gifts or newsletter. Send out an e-mail asking your family to reply with their funniest story revolving around the holidays. Be sure to mention that photographic evidence of any Christmas chaos is welcome!

Once you have gathered all the photos and stories, compile them into a holiday newsletter card that you mail to family. If you have lots of photos that go with the funny stories, you can make a photo book present and give it to everyone at your family gathering. Just be sure to get everything done with enough time for processing and shipping before Christmas!

Share Your Christmas Tales

Who doesn't love a great reality style story these days? If you want to share your funny Christmas story, add a comment at the bottom of the page. LoveToKnow readers (and staff!) want to know they are not alone with mishaps and mistakes during the holidays! Whether you burnt the Christmas goose, sang the wrong Christmas lyrics during a concert solo, gave your son-in-law Barbie underwear meant for your granddaughter or knocked over a Christmas display at the mall, we want to laugh along with you!

Funny Christmas Stories to Tell This Year