How to Make a Candy Cane Christmas Bouquet: DIY Guide

Christmas candy cane bouquet with holly berries and pine branches

A bouquet of candy canes is a unique twist on the traditional bouquet of flowers. Learning how to make a candy cane Christmas bouquet is a fun and easy way to incorporate homemade crafts into your holiday décor. They also make thoughtful gifts, and can add a touch of Christmas cheer to just about any area of your home, office, classroom, or party location.

Candy Cane Holiday Bouquet Instructions

There are several methods for putting together a candy cane bouquet for Christmas, depending on the desired size and shape of the finished project. A very basic, hand-held candy cane bouquet can be made by simply securing several candy canes together with florist's wire and covering the wire with ribbon.

If you'd like to get a little fancier, you can transform any traditional style of bouquet into a pretty candy cane Christmas decoration with a few simple touches.


  • Decorative container, any size, such as a basket
  • Florist foam cut to fit inside container
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Florist's wire
  • Florist's tape
  • Candy canes (any size and color)
  • Artificial flowers and greenery (use Christmas colors, poinsettias, or holly)
  • Other decorations, such as pine cones, ribbon, or small ornaments


  1. Glue the foam to the bottom of the container so it is secure.
  2. Tape florist's wire to the bottom of each candy cane with florist's tape. Cut the wire to desired lengths. Test the lengths by pushing one of the wires into the foam and determining how far up from the container you want the candy canes to come.
  3. Tape florist's wire to the bottoms of any flowers, greenery, or ornaments you plan to include in the bouquet.
  4. Starting with the largest flowers, place each item, one by one, into the container. Push the wires securely into the foam to hold the pieces. Pack the candy canes and ornaments together tightly so it covers the foam completely. Continue adding flowers, greenery, and candy canes until you're happy with the way it looks.
  5. If desired, add decorations to the bottom of the bouquet, or wrap the outside of the container with candy cane-colored ribbon or cloth to help tie the container in with the rest of the bouquet.

Tips for Making Candy Cane Bouquets

candy canes displayed in a vintage Christmas tin container

Try these tips and tricks to make a variety of different styles of bouquets:

  • Instead of placing the wired candy canes and artificial flowers into a container, make a hand-held bouquet by simply gathering them and taping them securely into a bunch.
  • Use different sizes and colors of candy canes to add variety.
  • Try using red and white silk roses or carnations, or use Christmas flowers, such as poinsettias, with a touch of baby's breath for seasonal color.
  • Recycle old containers such as plastic tubs or cardboard boxes by covering them with wrapping paper, layers of tissue paper, or even painting them and adding some ribbon.
  • Skip the flowers all together and use a lot of candy canes for your bouquet. You can add other sweet treats such as red and white mints, gingerbread cutouts, or lollipops to the bouquet. Just make sure to secure the wire to each item first.
  • Hang candy canes from some of the larger branches or greenery in the bouquet.

If you're planning on transporting the candy cane bouquets to another location, consider assembling them once you arrive. Candy canes are fragile, and it can be difficult to pack them safely for travel.

Create an Eye-Catching Decoration

Candy cane bouquets can be used as a table centerpiece, or an eye-catching decorative touch anywhere in your home. If you're throwing a Christmas party, you could even plan an entire theme around candy canes and have your guests make their own bouquets to take home.

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How to Make a Candy Cane Christmas Bouquet: DIY Guide