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Interactive Christmas Cards: Styles & Sites

Woman sending an interactive Christmas card online
Send someone an interactive greeting this Christmas.

Send out interactive Christmas cards to the people in your e-mail contact list. Interactive cards require participation from the person receiving it. This addition makes the card more interesting than a typical holiday greeting card or e-card.

More Than a Holiday Card

An interactive Christmas card is more than just a regular greeting card. The person who receives the card needs to perform a task in order to get to the inner message of the card. These cards are a great alternative to regular Christmas ecards or mailed holiday newsletters because:

  • Tweens and teens will enjoy receiving them.
  • Free email Christmas cards with interactive features are often available.
  • Unusual concept makes the card memorable.
  • In order to choose the right card, the sender must take additional time to see the interactive components through.
  • Provide a short break from the monotony of work or daily life.

Remember to personalize the interactive card just like any other card you send to someone. A short note regarding the recipient's family, Christmas plans or activities will put the extra special touch on what is all ready a unique card.

Online Interactive Holiday Card Styles

Choose an online interactive card that represents the personality of you and the recipient. If the person you are e-mailing it to enjoys music, look for a card that requires him to click on instruments to create the tune of a Christmas carols. On the other hand, if they are into motorcycles, look for Christmas cards with motorcycles that need the recipient to start the engine!

Virtually anything you can think of has been made into an interactive card on a website, just waiting for you to send it. Try an Internet search using keyword terms for links to cards that fulfill your idea of the perfect interactive card. Consider the following:

  • Advent calendar cards, which require the recipient to open doors or windows to find a different scene
  • Dancing elves, possibly with digital photo faces of the recipient's family
  • Falling snow or a snow globe that needs shaking
  • Lighting candles or Christmas tree lights
  • Christmas cards with dogs or cats that bark or meow songs

You can find interactive cards online by doing a search, as previously mentioned, or through a retailer that is doing a promotion. For example, during the 2008 holiday season, Sephora did a promotion involving interactive cards. Once you created a holiday card, you received a code for a free product sample. Then you could send the card to others, with a chance for them to make their own card. Check your favorite online retailers for a chance to do this during the next holiday season.

Other places to look for interactive Christmas cards include:

Some of the ecard websites have free and pay cards intermixed, requiring you do to search through the Christmas category to find a free one you like. Also, check to see if you need to create a free trial (and cancel) in order to use the website. Many interactive cards are mixed in with regular holiday e-cards, so you may need to set aside a little time to find the right interactive card.

Traditional Interactive Christmas Cards

An interactive Christmas card does not have to be electronic, although it is probably the first thing most people think of when considering interactive cards. The recipient's participation is what is required, so you can have interactive traditional cards. These cards are usually aimed towards children, with the following features:

  • Lift-the-flap advent calendars
  • Connect the dot pictures
  • Color or paint-by-number graphics
  • Maze or matching game
  • Christmas crossword puzzle

These cards often cost more than simple mailed greeting cards. However, the cost may be worth it if it brings a smile to someone's face who lives far away.

Interactive Christmas Cards: Styles & Sites