LDS Christmas Gift Ideas

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People of Mormon faith and their friends may be finding it hard to come up with LDS Christmas gift ideas. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) considers Christmas one of the most significant days within their church calendar.

The Ten Commandments of Christmas

Debra Oaks Coe wrote a short list of how Christmas should be kept within the Church. Entitled The Ten Commandments of Christmas, it provides guidelines for LDS members celebrations and gift giving. Important points regarding gifting include:

  • Jesus and His birth comes before other holiday figures (including Santa Claus) and their traditions
  • Gifts given should be meaningful
  • Recipients should appreciate the thought and effort behind gifts, not their worth
  • Give gifts with a positive attitude

When choosing a gift to give to someone of LDS faith, keeping these Commandments in mind can make gift giving easier. Christmas presents may be expensive or cheap; what matters is the spirit in which it was given.

Find LDS Christmas Gift Ideas

Figuring out good Christmas gift ideas for LDS members is often similar to that of people from any other religion. Keep in mind the person's hobbies, favorite authors, skills and talents and personality. At the same time, gift givers should select gifts that are in keeping with core beliefs and fundamental values. Inappropriate gifts might include a Rosary (part of the Catholic religion) or tight, low-cut sweaters for women (modesty is valued).

While regular department stores and local boutiques may provide plenty of Christmas gift ideas for everyone else, consider shopping at a store that caters specifically to members of LDS Churches. Even if a store is not within driving distance, the Internet provides a number of shopping opportunities that make gift giving easy.

Missionary Box Moms

Missions are an important part of a young adult's life in the LDS Church. Let a missionary know she or he is missed at Christmas by sending a care package from Missionary Box Moms. There are over two-dozen kits available, and the company ships worldwide.

Deseret Book

Get gifts for everyone on the list by visiting Deseret Book. Use the Christmas Catalog navigation to find gifts like calendars, decorations, games, artwork, movies and more.

Homemade LDS Gifts

Homemade Christmas gifts are often the most meaningful to many faithful members of the LDS community. Thoughtfulness, labor and love all should go into any homemade project that is gifted to another. Christmas craft project ideas include making frames, vases, candles and scrapbooks for the important people on the Christmas list.

Holiday gift Christmas baskets are also perfect for giving to an LDS member. Consider adding the following items to a generic basket:

  • Baked goods, like muffins, cookies or breads
  • Embroidered towels or sheets purchased with a monogram or design)
  • Homemade lotions or soaps
  • Candles
  • Religious music CD
  • Small prayer or devotional book
  • Stationary

Just because the basket is put together personally does not mean every item in it has to be homemade. A Christmas gift basket can use commercially produced items and still be special. Choose one or two items to include in each basket that are unique to the recipient's interests and personality.

Sharing the Christmas spirit with others through gifts can be hard if the giver is unaware of LDS Christmas gift ideas. By keeping the recipient in mind and shopping through LDS specialty stores, purchasing a gift for LDS members is an easy task to cross off a holiday list.

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LDS Christmas Gift Ideas