Lemax Christmas Village Miniatures: Collections & Shopping

Christmas village

Lemax Christmas village miniatures are superb collectibles for lighted village lovers. A worldwide leader in creating pieces for this beloved hobby, Lemax has been providing Christmas miniatures to delighted consumers for nearly twenty years. Lemax is proud of its incredible quality and affordable pricing. Detail and value are key for the company, and they strive to deliver with every miniature and piece of Christmas décor.


Lemax offers an array of miniatures in various collections to meet the needs of different collectors and decorators. While the themes of different collections may vary, the intricate details, vivid colors, and quality craftsmanship are aspects every collection has in common. Following is a sampling of the Lemax village themes:

  • Sugar and Spice: Whimsical, adorable, and positively delicious are the Lemax village Sugar and Spice collection miniatures. Developed from the concept of the gingerbread house, these pieces appear as candy-coated delights. Besides a bakery and taffy factory, the collection includes a toy shop, cottage, chapels, and more. Highlight with the Candymint Gumdrop Fences for an adorable accent.
  • Vail Village: Skiing is one of the world's most beloved pastimes, and Lemax celebrates this in the Vail Village Collection. Rosy-cheeked figurines, the inviting Cumberland Lake Cottage, and the Maple Grove Sugar Shack bring a sense of all that is warm and inviting for the holiday season.
  • Santa's Wonderland: Christmas would be incomplete without at least a hint of the Christmas icon Santa Claus, and Lemax celebrates the magic associated with this legendary figure in the Santa's Wonderland Collection. With brilliant colors, this themed village celebrates what the young -- and young at heart -- everywhere love about Christmas: yummy treats, brightly wrapped gifts, Santa, his reindeer, and the mystical elves. In addition to Santa's house and a toy factory, collectors will delight in the Ribbon and Gift Wrap Factory, Elf Skating Pond, and Santa's three piece post office.
  • Caddington Village: The beautiful depiction of a thriving New England town comes to life in the stately residences and businesses of the picturesque Caddington Village. Gorgeous two-story manors, cottages, and houses can be carefully arranged to complement the warm and inviting Wilson and Sons Bookstore, Treasure Trove Antiques, Estella's Café, or Chelsea's Candy and Flowers. The lovely color schemes obtain a unique blend of lively color and elegant neutrality.

Accents for Any Village

In addition to their fine Christmas miniature collections, Lemax also offers a number of accents that can be used to enhance virtually any village. They offer hundreds of lighted and non-lighted miniatures accents and accessories. A few of them include:

  • Topiaries
  • Newspaper boxes
  • Trees
  • Birdbaths
  • Wreaths
  • Telephone Poles
  • Street lamps/lanterns
  • Ponds, streams, and other landscaping
  • Fences

Other Miniatures

Although Lemax specializes in Christmas-themed miniatures, they also offer other beautiful collections for collectors to enjoy at other seasons. The bustling Carnival Collection celebrates the essence of summer, while the ghoulish Spooky Town Collection evokes the spirit of Halloween. Also available are the Harvest Crossing Collection and the Plymouth Corners Collection.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase Lemax Christmas village miniatures are sold at various retail outlets. You can call their toll free Retail Locator Line at 1-800-665-3629, or look for pieces at the following retail sites:

You may also find Lemax village pieces online at auction sites such as eBay. As with any auction purchase, buy from a reputable seller, verify authenticity of the products, look for clear pictures, and ask questions whenever necessary to make sure your purchase will go smoothly.


The Lemax website does not designate prices on its website; allowing individual retailers to price as befits their establishment and locality. The Lemax Christmas miniatures, however, are on the affordable side when it comes to Christmas village collections. Accessories and accents may be available for as little as a few dollars, while more substantial collection pieces range from approximately twenty to fifty dollars.

Delicate and detailed Christmas villages are a great tradition that many families practice during the holidays. From basic buildings to the finest accents, each piece is sure to add more richness to the season.

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Lemax Christmas Village Miniatures: Collections & Shopping