Living Christmas Tree Rentals

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Living Christmas tree rentals make going green a cinch. This alternative to artificial Christmas trees is one of the latest seasonal sensations.

About Living Christmas Trees

Living Christmas trees are the solution to the seasonal quandary pitting the beauty and scent of an actual pine tree with the guilt of watching it die. Enter the hippest trend in holiday decorations: real Christmas trees you can rent.

The idea is the brainchild of John Fogel. The Oregon businessman started The Original Living Christmas Tree Company in 1992 and it has grown exponentially in subsequent years. The company caters to folks who feel guilty about cutting down trees, but can't stand the thought of erecting an artificial tree during the holiday season. Fogel and his crew rent potted trees for the duration of the holiday season, then pick them up on January second, and plant them in watersheds across the Pacific Northwest.

Convenience is Key

In addition to alleviating guilt and being eco-friendly, living Christmas tree rentals are also very convenient for customers. Instead of heading out to the forest to cut down a tree or standing in line at a corner lot with crowds of unhappy holiday shoppers, you simply order the rental and have it delivered to your home. In most cases, the Christmas trees are taken out of the ground, roots and all, placed into pots, and delivered to your home or place of business. Once the holidays are over, the tree rental crews pick up the pines and deliver them to parks, school districts and other service organizations that replant the trees on their property.

Living Christmas Tree Rental Options

John Fogel's The Original Living Christmas Tree Company may be the first and most well-known holiday tree rental services, but it is no longer the only option available for eco-friendly tree huggers. The following are some other popular living Christmas tree rental operations:

  • The Living Christmas Company: Founded by Los Angeles-based landscape architect Scott Martin, the living Christmas tree rental company gives L.A. residents the chance create a festive environment in their homes without contributing the staggering number of eradicated pine trees. Customers can order a living Christmas tree ranging in size from three-to-eight feet. The rental price includes delivery and pick-up.
  • Adopt a Christmas Tree: This San Diego-based company rents evergreen trees during the Christmas season. The live Christmas trees are delivered by singing and dancing elves and are picked up by crews that deliver them to families with fire-damaged homes and yards.
  • Evergrow Christmas Tree Company: Located in Vancouver, B.C., the company rents potted trees during the Christmas season. When the holidays are over, the trees are picked up, replanted, and rented again the following year.

Tips for Renting

While companies that rent living Christmas trees are booming, they are not available in all 50 states. If you cannot find a Christmas tree rental company in your area, consider checking with local Christmas tree farmers to see if they would be willing to rent you a tree during the holiday season.

Living Christmas Tree Rentals