Mini Christmas Gifts: Thoughtful Ideas in Small Offerings

Mini gifts make fun decorations.

Whether you're looking for a quaint decoration or a small but thoughtful gift, mini Christmas presents are a great choice. Small but carefully chosen decorations make a huge impact on your holiday décor, and even the smallest gift can be a tremendous gesture if it is a thoughtful one.

Why Go Miniature

Miniature gifts and decorations can play a huge part in the holidays. Whether you are interested in real or faux gifts, there are many reasons to choose small-scale presents.

  • More Casual: A mini gift accent in holiday decorations gives centerpieces and other decorative items a whimsical, wishful quality. At the same time, real mini Christmas gifts are a great option to give coworkers, casual acquaintances, or distant relatives.
  • Low Budget: Small decorative gifts are inexpensive to buy in bulk, allowing you to coordinate a range of Christmas crafts with ease. Small gifts are also easy to give to many people if you need to tighten your purse strings during the holiday season.
  • Stocking Stuffers: Real mini Christmas presents make fine stocking stuffers, even in the smallest stockings. A big fuss doesn't need to be made over mini gifts, making them perfect for individuals who may prefer a more subtle holiday gesture.

Faux Miniature Gifts

Faux mini wrapped gifts are great decorations for many different styles of holiday décor, including:

  • Individual ornaments or strung together as a garland
  • Additions to a wreath or holiday centerpiece
  • Tying to a larger wrapped package as a unique bow
  • Adding to a Christmas village display
  • Personalized place card holders for a holiday party

Make Your Own

Mini decorative Christmas gifts are typically available at craft stores and from holiday retailers quite inexpensively. Foil-wrapped squares tied with elastic bows are the most common design, but it is easy to make your own if you want more personalized designs.

  • Wrap small foam blocks with scraps of wrapping paper. Because the packages are so small, use glue to hold the wrap together instead of covering them with tape.
  • Mold colored clay or dough blocks into squares and rectangles and add real or clay ribbons as accents.
  • Fold origami squares and rectangles in holiday colored or patterned paper.
  • Paint small wooden blocks in holiday colors and top with real ribbons. Be sure all edges are sanded smooth.

Giving Mini Christmas Presents

Giving mini presents is a great way to offer a thoughtful gift to everyone on your holiday gift list without breaking the bank. Just because a gift is physically small, however, does not mean it is necessarily easier to buy. To ensure the gift is meaningful, always consider the recipient carefully and choose an item they will appreciate and enjoy. Popular mini gifts include:

  • Holiday Treats: From candy canes to gingerbread truffles, edible holiday treats are always popular. Choose unique treats, such as an elaborately decorated sugar cookie or a gourmet packet of flavored cocoa, for the most meaningful gifts.
  • Hobbies: If the recipient is passionate about a particular hobby, there are many mini gifts you can offer. Packets of unusual seeds will impress a gardener, a rainbow of threads is perfect for an embroidery crafter, and an elegant bookmark is just right for a voracious reader.
  • Trial Sizes: Small sample or trial sizes of unique items can be perfect miniature gifts. Mini jams and jellies, small bottles of wine, travel size luxury lotions, or single serving gourmet sauces are always nice options.
  • Coupons: A gift that is small in size can be meaningful in a big way if you opt for homemade coupons. Share a voucher for household chores, special services, or just sweet gestures such as a romantic kiss or a ten minute massage for mini gifts with maximum thoughtfulness.
  • Accessories: Mini gifts are great to pair with larger gifts that require multiple accessories. Batteries or spare parts for electronic gadgets or toys are excellent, and other options include items such as carrying cases, expansion accessories, or personalized trinkets that go along with the larger gift.

Mini Christmas presents, whether they're faux decorations or real gifts, can have a fantastic impact on your holiday décor and gift giving. Whether you have a small budget or just want to make a big statement in small way, thoughtful mini gifts will always be appreciated.

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Mini Christmas Gifts: Thoughtful Ideas in Small Offerings