19 Incredibly Fun Christmas Games to Play Online

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It's never too early to get into the Christmas spirit. While you are online, you can take a virtual trip to the North Pole and play games with Santa's reindeer or help make the elves make Christmas toys. Playing Christmas games can be a good way to take a break from the stresses that come with the holidays and simply enjoy some holiday fun.

Action and Adventure Games

Fight off enemies and throw snowballs as you participate in Christmas themed challenges with these action and adventure games.

Santa's Snowball Showdown

There's nothing like a classic snowball fight. Santa's Snowball Showdown lets you face off against Santa's helpers in the ultimate virtual snowball fight. Watch the target and the time, because the more accurate you are and the faster you throw the snowballs, the more points you earn. Try to catch the rolling snowballs for the most points.

Gift Keeper

Gift Keeper has you try and keep the evil gingerbread men from stealing children's Christmas gifts by knocking them out with a magic candy cane. Remember to click the candy cane quickly and knock out the gingerbread men because they move fast. You can opt for low, medium, or high graphics performance and choose whether you want to play with full or low sound effects.

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker has you punch out wooden toy soldiers while listening to music from the classic Christmas ballet. The game itself is fairly simple: use the arrow keys to move and the A key to knock out any soldiers who cross your path. Be careful though; the further along you get, the more soldiers you will encounter.

Driving Games

Santa does not always deliver presents by sleigh. He is also not the only holiday character who moves. Practice your driving and navigation skills as you try to complete tasks and avoid obstacles.

Scrooge's Soarin' Star Ride

Fans of A Christmas Carol, especially older children and teens, will enjoy playing Scrooge's Soarin' Star Ride. The game has them guide Scrooge through the night sty to collect stars and avoid lightning and other obstacles in the way. You earn points by collecting stars as you fly, so watch out for all stars, but focus on gold stars for the most points.

snowman figurine sledding

Snowman Sledding

To play Snowman Sledding, you guide a giant snowman down the hill as you try to collect presents. You can move the arrows left and right as you go to help you collect as many presents as possible. Watch out for rocks, because they will sap your energy and keep you from a high scoring game.

Santa Truck

Fill Santa's truck with gifts and unload them to get to the next level in Santa Truck. There is an option to play this game with "cheats" which is a good option for youngsters who struggle with playing online games.

Shooting Games

Christmas may be a time for goodwill, but sometimes it takes work to preserve the cheer. Take out Santa's enemies and save Christmas in these classic shooting games.

Xmas Invasion

Use the Robo 5000 to take down the cloned reindeer and snowmen trying to steal the presents in Xmas Invasion. Watch out for the snowballs they throw at you in the process. You can choose to play in the easy mode or the extreme mode, which starts you at level ten and move at a faster pace with more aggressive snowmen and reindeer.

Save Christmas

Save Christmas tasks you with taking out the attacking penguins and bringing joy back to the holiday. A briefing at the beginning of the game introduces you to the scenario and shows you pictures of your enemies. Be ready to click fast and aim precisely because the penguins are hard to catch.

Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze gives you the chance to freeze enemies by shooting a water gun at them. You must shoot the elves multiple times to freeze them, then jump on the balls of ice to reveal candy canes and other trinkets. The more trinkets you collect, the more points you earn.

Dress Up Games

Get all glammed up for Christmas. From your nails to the latest holiday clothes, these dress up games will help you put on a festive look.

Barbie: A Perfect Christmas

Girls who love Barbie will enjoy playing games based on Barbie's A Perfect Christmas. Dress up a snowman with the Snowgirl Glam-Up game or help choose the perfect gifts for Barbie and her sisters by playing the Sister Stocking Stuffer game.

Gene Dress Up

Gene Dress Up has you decorate Gene, the gingerbread man with sugar, unique facial expressions and holiday accessories. You can also read the classic "Gingerbread Man" fairy tale before decorating your own.

Food Games

cookies for Santa

Christmas is known for its cookies. Prepare some yummy treats for Santa with these holiday food games.

Cook for Santa

In Cook for Santa, you need to set up the big guy's plate with goodies in the same order as the box at the top of the game. Click on each food as it scrolls through the screen to create the plate. Each level goes a little faster and you eventually have to add more foods until Santa is filled!

Christmas Doughnut Cookies

Follow the recipe at the top of the screen to make Christmas Doughnut Cookies in this fun cooking game. Click on the ingredients to add them to the bowl; finish early and get bonus points.

Christmas Cake Cooking

Bake a cake with Santa in Christmas Cake Cooking. This game starts with a list of ingredients for Santa to collect at the store, and then moves into the kitchen. Follow the list and then the arrows to complete the holiday cake.

Decorating Games

Whether you don't have a real tree to decorate or you just want to hone your decorating skills, you can do it online. Try your hand at building a snowman, decorating a tree or even making a special cross stitch for the holidays.

Trim the Tree

Trim the Tree allows you to decorate a virtual Christmas tree by dragging ornaments and other decorations onto the tree. Don't forget the angel on top!

Cross Stitch Christmas

Cross Stitch Christmas is a chance to cross stitch virtually as you try to complete patterns of varying difficulty. Each stitch is placed on the design separately, so start with the easy option to build up your precision and patience before tackling more difficult cross stitch patterns.

Tweety Decorates

Tweety Let's Decorate features the popular Looney Tunes character as she decorates for Christmas. Lend a helping hand as you play the game, but be sure to watch out for falling snow and ice because they can keep you from getting all of the houses in the neighborhood decorated on time.

Strategy Games

Keep your mind sharp over the holidays and take a break from eating and singing Christmas carols to play a round or two of these holiday strategy games.

Christmas Crunch

In Christmas Crunch, your goal is to get the highest score possible by "crunching" groups of colored ornaments that are next to each other. It works like a reverse Tetris style game, with the ornaments rearranging themselves as you take them out. Try to look for ways to crunch ornaments so larger groupings are created.

Cargo Bridge: Xmas

Use your critical thinking skills to build a bridge that can support all the elves who need to get from one side of the valley to the other in this special Cargo Bridge: Xmas. Be prepared to be challenged as you work to make a sturdy structure. This game is best for teens and adults.

Have a Virtual Christmas

If you're in the mood for a holiday cookie, but don't want to pack on the pounds, decorate a virtual sugar cookie. Want to have a snowball fight, but a white Christmas is not in the cards? Throw some snowballs online. Online Christmas games give you a chance to experience all the joys of Christmas, only virtually, and take a break from the stress that often comes with the holidays.

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19 Incredibly Fun Christmas Games to Play Online