Printable BINGO Cards for Christmas

Christmas theme bingo cards

Plan a holiday party activity using printable BINGO cards for Christmas. Both the young and the young-at-heart will get a kick out of playing a festive version of this popular game.

Playing Christmas BINGO

Christmas BINGO is perfect to play at a company Christmas party, club party or even a family party. It is also ideal for a children's holiday party, as cards often come with pictures instead of words, making it easy for even the youngest kids to join in.

The rules are the same as with any other BINGO game. The caller draws a word or picture from a Santa hat, and players marks the space off on their card. The first person to have a straight line vertically, horizontally or diagonally is the winner. Some cards come with the traditional "free space" while others may not. Each BINGO game takes anywhere from 10-to-20 minutes to play, so plan accordingly.

If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

LoveToKnow Downloadable Christmas BINGO Cards

Get Printable BINGO Cards for Christmas

Christmas party games are difficult to come up with when the crowd is diverse in age and personality. BINGO is the perfect fit for situations where both kids and adult Christmas games are needed.

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Holiday BINGO Tips

To make the Christmas BINGO game go smoothly, make sure all necessary supplies are gathered. Follow these helpful tips for printable Christmas BINGO card games:

  • Make sure the printer has plenty of colored ink before printing.
  • Use black and white printing on colored paper to save on ink costs.
  • Holiday peppermints make perfect markers for a Christmas BINGO game.
  • Set up small card tables or television trays so everyone has a flat surface on which to play.
Printable BINGO Cards for Christmas