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Printable Christmas Cards

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Save time and money by making your own printable Christmas greeting cards.

Printable Christmas cards are an easy and inexpensive way to send holiday greetings to your friends and family.

A Holiday Tradition

The custom of sending Christmas cards during the holiday season originated in Victorian England. Many adults liked to send Christmas letters detailing the events of the past year, but handwritten letters were not practical to send to a large group. In 1843, British businessman Sir Henry Cole requested that artist John Calcott Horsley print a batch of 1,000 Christmas cards for him to send to his associates. The black and white cards had to be colored by hand and depicted a happy family raising a toast to the recipient.

Richard Pease, a variety store owner, commissioned the first printed Christmas card in the United States in 1851. Interestingly enough, his card also managed to make the first mistake in Christmas card history. The greeting depicted a building with a banner proclaiming "Pease's Great Variety Store."

Today, you can find Christmas cards in designs to suit almost any taste. There are religious cards, humorous cards, and sentimental cards in styles ranging from sophisticated and elegant to casual and contemporary.

LoveToKnow Printable Christmas Cards

Free Printable Christmas Cards Online

Since commercially-produced greeting cards can be rather expensive, and making handmade cards can be a time-consuming project, free printable Christmas cards are a nice compromise for the frugal yet busy holiday shopper. If you're looking for free Christmas greeting cards online, check out the following helpful links:

  • HP Print offers a variety of printable Christmas craft projects that you can enjoy, including Spanish greetings.
  • Greetings Island has Christmas cards that can be customized with your own photos and text.
  • Mint Printables has a small assortment of nicely designed holiday greeting cards, as well as Christmas stationery, gift tags, and party invitations.
  • Print Free can be somewhat difficult to navigate, but this site is a great resource for anyone interested in free printable paper crafts. For Christmas, you can download free cards, tags, and gift wrap in the design of your choice.

Christmas Cards for Kids

If you have children who are excited about the upcoming Christmas holiday, encourage them to send free printable greeting cards to their friends and family. For example:

  • Disney Family has several card projects you can enjoy making with your children.
  • DLTK has an assortment of printable Christmas cards and envelopes for children to enjoy, including angel, candy cane, Christmas lights, Nativity, and gingerbread themed cards.
  • Activity Village has fun and festive Christmas cards featuring penguins, mice, and cuddly teddy bears.
  • Ivy's Greeting Cards provides an interactive tool that lets kids customize the look of their printable Christmas card.

Tips for Making Printable Greeting Cards

When making printable greeting cards, remember these simple tips to help ensure the best results:

  • Use heavyweight cardstock instead of regular printing paper, especially if you're printing on both sides of the paper. For an artistic touch, look for textured cardstock in the scrapbooking section of your local craft store.
  • Make sure your printer is set to print on the "high" or "best" quality setting. This will make the colors in your card as rich and vibrant as possible.
  • Use a bone folder to add a sharp crease to your folded greeting cards. Purchase this inexpensive tool in the card making section of your local craft store.
  • Don't forget to add a personalized message to your card before mailing!

If you need help downloading these printables, check out these helpful tips.

Printable Christmas Cards