Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

Image of a fully decorated Christmas tree

A rotating Christmas tree stand can add a lovely effect to an award winning decorated Christmas tree. A revolving stand can highlight stunning glass Christmas ornaments or vintage Christmas ornaments that deserve flaunting.

Rotating Artificial Trees

Christmas tree stands offer a way to keep a tree upright without placing it into a large and bulky box or bucket. A rotating stand is an alternative to stands that do not move. These stands should are for use with artificial trees, from small tabletop Christmas trees upwards of seven or nine feet tall trees.

Live Christmas trees need to be stable and are more fragile. Moving stands can make needles fall off live trees or pose fire hazards when combining necessary water at the base with the electrical wiring that makes the tree rotate. Furthermore, most stands are meant for indoor use only.

Revolving stands are great for use with both pre-lit artificial Christmas trees and those strung with Christmas lights. Light strings plug into an outlet within the stand, allowing it to rotate without tangling.

Keep the artificial Christmas tree away from curtains or hanging items, just in case it shifts while rotating. Remember to turn off the motor when leaving the house.

Highlight Tree Decorations

A rotating stand offers consumers an innovate way to highlight Christmas tree decorations. Often, ornaments that are in the back of the tree are not seen everyone who admires the tree. Using a revolving stand allows more decorations on the tree and a chance to show them off. Consider these Christmas decoration ideas for using a rotating stand:

  • Set the tree up in front of a street facing window, so cars and carolers can see the decorations.
  • Place a small tree in a bay window seat or ledge in upstairs rooms in place of Christmas candles.
  • Use a revolving stand to draw attention to animated Christmas lights.
  • For a truly whimsical effect, hang special ornaments with rotating hangers and then placing the tree on a revolving stand.

Aluminum Christmas trees create a dazzling display on a rotating stand. Use a color wheel spotlights to create a glittering, spinning tree. Do not use light strings with aluminum trees, as they pose a fire hazard.

Buy Rotating Christmas Tree Stands

Christmas tree stands can be purchased year-round on the web or during the holidays in most major stores in their Christmas décor section. The motor is usually quiet, if not silent, on revolving stands. Look for features like remote control power and musical elements for added punch to the tree display. Purchase stands at retailers like:

To get the best deal on a tree stand, check out clearance sales for use next year. Otherwise, comparison shop during holiday sales in November and December to find one for use during the current holiday season.

People who want the effect of a rotating tree but have a corner tree or cannot find room to display a tree that moves have an alternative option. Rotating and revolving ornament trees offer a similar appearance without the size. Ornament trees offer hooks on "branches" for hanging tree decorations, but without the bulk of a regular tree. They take up less room and can emphasize unique Christmas ornaments while they circle on a tabletop or floor. Sizes range from just over a foot in height to six feet tall.

Rotating Christmas tree stands offer a clever way to create a holiday tree display. Each and every ornament and decoration can be seen while the tree slowly revolves. Use one to highlight a stunning tree in any home..

Rotating Christmas Tree Stand