Rustic Christmas Decor: Charming Ideas & Shopping Sites

Rustic Christmas Decorations

Rustic Christmas décor can transform even the most sophisticated home into a homey country retreat for the holidays. Whether you simply add a few elements or completely redo your living room into a log cabin, you can be sure to find a wide variety of Christmas decorations that will suit your needs.

Types of Rustic Christmas Décor

Local craft stores, discount stores, shopping malls and greenhouses are all great options for finding great decorating elements. You can find everything from color-themed ornaments to snowmen collections to outdoor light decorations and more. Some popular rustic items include:

  • Statues of snowmen
  • Metal stars
  • Old fashion Santas
  • Angels
  • Wooden sleds
  • Hand-stitched art

If you are looking for something unique, consider a local arts and crafts show where you can often find rustic decorations done in metal or wood and made from hand. Many small towns have specialty boutiques and country stores that carry unique items perfect for Christmas decorating. You can make a day of it with friends and hunt down rustic décor in the rural areas of your state.

Shop Decorations Online

For those who prefer to shop online, there are a variety of sites that carry rustic decorations. These include:

The Cabin Shop

Rustic ornaments

The Cabin Shop has a huge selection of ornaments, dinnerware, decorations and more for the Christmas season. All items are done in rustic designs making them a beautiful addition to any home. Some items to check out include:

  • Holiday Rugs: You can add a decorative rug to your porch or entry way. Find rugs with images of Santa, snowflakes, dogs and even skiers.
  • Christmas ornaments: Ornaments add a special touch to any Christmas tree. Find ornaments done in wood, metal, and resin, featuring rustic designs such as bears, moose, guns, stars, sleds and antlers.
  • Accessories: From tapestries to sculptures, you are sure to find rustic pieces to add to your holiday décor. You can find wall tapestries with St. Nicholas, jingle bells, and angels, along with unique footstools featuring Santa or trees, and even stockings done in plaid.

Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor

Pinecone wreath

Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor has an assortment of holiday items to use in your home. You can expect to find a selection of evergreen centerpieces,Christmas figurines, wall art and more. Some items to check out include:

  • Holiday figurines: From small figurines of Santa to larger ones of snowmen, you can find the perfect accent piece for a table or stand. Figurines also make great gifts for friends and family.
  • Centerpieces: Complete the look of your holiday table with a festive evergreen centerpiece. These centerpieces look great with taper candles or flowers as well.
  • Wall art: You can decorate your walls with rustic art for the holiday season. Find stained glass windows, tin signs and painted sleighs that will transform your home into a rustic cottage.

Decorate with Rustic Elements

Decorating your home with rustic Christmas elements can be simply adding a few things to your existing collection such as a rusty star atop your tree or you a hand-carved Nativity scene on your mantel. For those who are more ambitious, a total revamp of one room or even an entire floor can be done with the right amount of time and money. Areas of the home can be adorned in rustic decorations such as candles, blankets and throws and tableware.

Wooden, wire, or worn metal decorations give a very country feel to any decorating area. Any place where something that was hand-sewn can be added, such as stockings or ornaments, can help. You can even choose a rustic Christmas card to send to family and friends to make your theme complete.

Rustic Christmas

When it comes to creating the ultimate holiday experience, you can do whatever you can dream. If you cannot buy the item you envision, make it yourself. Imperfections add to the overall rustic scheme. Some elements to add to your home that will instantly add a rustic appeal are pinecones, fresh greenery and red berries.

Complete the Theme

After your decorating is done, round out your rustic holiday celebrations by making Christmas dinner with family recipes that have been passed down through the generations. You can also use decorations that have been in the family for years as part of your scheme and make it a tradition to pull out those items year after year.

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Rustic Christmas Decor: Charming Ideas & Shopping Sites