Santa Elf Bowling: About the Game and Where to Play

Christmas bowling

Santa Elf Bowling is a popular computer game developed by NStorm in 1999. The clever graphics and fun gaming quickly made it a phenomenon. Today, several versions of the game are available. It's important to note that these games feature somewhat rude language, making them less suitable for youngsters as they are for teens and adults.

Santa Elf Bowing Computer Games

A great way to entertain yourself or your 'tweens and teens during the holidays is to find Christmas games to play online or as a download that feature favorite characters, like Santa and his elves. These games are a good stress-reliever during the otherwise busy Christmas season for anyone who enjoys playing video games.

Even though the games all fall under the Elf Bowling title, they do not all have bowling as the sport. Instead, they feature other games like bocce and shuffleboard. Santa does, however, use his elves as equipment in each game.

Original Games

The original game features Santa knocking his elves down in true bowler fashion for going on strike. A later release, called Super Elf Bowling, is an updated version of the game concept, complete with 3D animation.Elf Bowling 2 features a shuffleboard competition between Santa and his brother Dingle Kringle, using the Elves as pucks. Both the original version and the sequel are available as Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance video games.

More Bowling Series Games

The holiday hilarity found in Santa Elf Bowling continues in additional releases in the gaming series. These titles include:

  • Elf Bowling 3: Try to hit one of three targets using pink brassieres as the slingshot and elves as the ammunition in this holiday game.
  • Elf Bowling: Bocce Style: The elves become bocce balls after Santa vacations in Italy and discovers a new favorite game.
  • Elf Bowling 6: Air Biscuits: Santa broke his bowling ball, so he takes his elves outside and sends them sailing over the winter snow.
  • Elf Bowling 7 1/7: The Last Insult: This installment of the popular series is back at the bowling alley, with Santa serving up more strikes against his mischievous elves.
  • Elf Bowling: Hawaiian Vacation: In this exciting version, Santa and the naughty elves head to hot vacation spots around the world, including Hawaii.

Find Bowling Games Online

A number of websites offer free demo downloads and free trial downloads of the Santa Elf Bowling game series; for a full version, they must be purchased. Get the free downloads on websites like the following:

Elf Bowling: The Movie

Elf Bowling: The Movie, an animated flick based on the Santa Elf Bowling games, was released in 2007. The plot features a rogue pirate Santa who is taken in by elves and turned into the traditional good Santa everyone knows. However, his brother, also a pirate, is not so good and eventually kidnaps the elves, sending Santa out to rescue them.

More Santa Elf Games

Game players who want more than a free trial version of the Elf Bowling game will need to purchase the full games through websites that offer gaming software. If you want to save money, consider searching for online Christmas games that are free to use and play online. Only download games from safe websites, instead of from file extensions in email attachments or suspicious websites.

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Santa Elf Bowling: About the Game and Where to Play