9 Sweetly Simple DIY Christmas Gifts for Anyone

Elegant Dried Bouquet


Homemade Christmas gifts are fun to create and special to receive. No matter where your talents lie, there's a handmade gift out there that is the perfect project for you.

It's easy to create an elegant dried bouquet to brighten up someone's living room during the winter months, and this project makes an impressive Christmas gift. Simply choose a vase or container that matches the recipient's décor. Then select dried twigs and flowers from the craft store to create a custom decoration. As a rule of thumb, it's a good idea to have an odd number for each element in the bouquet. Also try to vary the height and texture of the flowers you choose.

Simple, Cozy Quilt


You don't have to have much sewing experience to make this cozy quilt, a holiday gift anyone will love. You can make this quilt any size by following these instructions:

  1. Cut 6.5-inch squares out of several different cotton fabrics and sew them together in strips.
  2. Sew the strips together to make the quilt front.
  3. Iron the front and then sew it to a piece of fleece fabric, right sides together.
  4. Turn it right side out, and sew up the turning opening.
  5. Use embroidery floss to tie the quilt at the corner of each fabric square.

A quilt is a warm and welcome gift that the recipient will love.

Handmade Stationary


Many people who already have plenty of knick-knacks to dust appreciate clutter-free gifts. With a few basic supplies, you can make a batch of handmade greeting cards that the recipient can send for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Purchase a pack of blank cards and envelopes from your local craft store, and use rubber stamps to create a simple decoration. Tie the stack with a piece of pretty string or ribbon and add a book of stamps for an inexpensive and thoughtful presentation.

Needle-Felted Pillow


A needle-felted pillow also makes a wonderful Christmas gift, and it's simple to make. You'll need a piece of wool fabric, wool roving in your desired colors, a felting needle, a piece of foam, and sewing supplies for making the pillow. Follow these easy instructions:

  1. Cut the wool fabric into the shape your want for the pillow front, and spread the roving across it in any pattern you like.
  2. Use the felting needle to make the wool fibers interlock, protecting your work surface with a piece of foam.
  3. Sew the pillow front to a backing the same size, adding piping if desired, and insert your pillow form.

Simple Beaded Necklace


You can make a beautiful necklace without a lot of previous crafting experience. Stop by your local craft store and pick up colorful beads in different sizes, some beading string, and a pretty clasp. To make the necklace, do the following:

  1. Tie the string to one end of the clasp and secure it with a dab of hot glue.
  2. String the beads in your desired pattern and tie on the other end of the clasp.
  3. Trim the string and secure it with hot glue.

You're all set to give a handmade gift that's stylish and cool.

Handmade Jewelry Rack


A jewelry rack makes a great handmade Christmas gift for your mom, grandma, sister, or friend. To make one, do the following:

  1. Purchase a picture frame and carefully cut several wine corks in half lengthwise.
  2. Use epoxy to affix the corks and glass floral beads to the glass part of the frame.
  3. Allow it to dry completely, and then insert pins into the corks for hanging the necklaces in tangle-free style.

Singed Flower Headband


If there's a stylish girl or teen on your list, you can easily make this lovely headband as a Christmas present for her.

  1. Cut synthetic fabric into several rough circle shapes.
  2. Carefully hold the edge of the fabric circles over a candle flame, turning them as the edge melts and curls up. Use care not to let the fabric ignite.
  3. Shape as desired, and stack them up on top of each other.
  4. Use a hand sewing needle and thread to attach the circles together in the center and add a vintage button.
  5. Sew the flower onto a stretchy headband.

Festive Homemade Applesauce


Applesauce is one of the easiest food gifts to make, and it's always appreciated by friends, neighbors, teachers, and co-workers. To make up a batch of chunky sauce, simply do the following:

  1. Peel, core, and slice lots of apples and warm them over low heat with enough water to barely cover the slices.
  2. When the apples are soft, add sugar and cinnamon to taste.
  3. Ladle the sauce into sterilized jars, top with lids, and process in a hot water bath for 20 minutes.
  4. Allow the sauce to cool and check to make sure it has sealed properly.
  5. Finally, add a square of holiday fabric under the lid ring.

Kids' Decoupaged Candle Jar


A decoupaged candle jar makes a touching gift from preschoolers and elementary school kids to teachers, grandparents, and babysitters. To make one with your child, you'll need a clean baby food jar, some squares of colored tissue paper, a paint brush, and a decoupage medium like ModPodge.

  1. Cover the outside of the jar in decoupage medium and allow your child to stick tissue paper squares on the candle jar as desired.
  2. Coat the jar with another layer of decoupage medium and allow it to dry.
  3. Add a tealight for the perfect gift.

Holiday Soap


A bar of handmade soap makes a great gift, especially if it has a holiday motif. Use Christmas homemade soap recipes to create a melt and pour soap bar with fun add-ins like snowflakes and textured pieces. Package it in a cellophane bag and tie with a holiday ribbon.

No matter which homemade Christmas gift you choose to make, the recipient will appreciate the time and creativity you put into the item. There's nothing like making gifts by hand to show the special people in your life just how much you care.

9 Sweetly Simple DIY Christmas Gifts for Anyone