22 Beautiful Decorated Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas Tree Décor


Whether your holiday décor is sophisticated and elegant or fun and whimsical, the Christmas tree is often the centerpiece. There are a variety of different ways to create an amazing tree that will be an attractive focal point for the entire holiday season. Find inspriation at the mall, in community holiday displays, at your friends' homes and in photo galleries online.

Elegant White Lights


Use only white lights to create an elegant looking tree. Add white ribbons and gold or silver ornaments for a sophisticated look that will complement a variety of different types of room decorating schemes.

Over the Top Trees


Not everyone agrees with the saying "less is more" especially when decorating a Christmas tree. Many people like to put an ornament on practically every branch, and add lights and garland to create a very ornate looking tree. Trees like this glitter and shimmer as light hits the ornaments to create a magical look.

Tabletop Trees


Just because someone has a small space doesn't mean they can't have a Christmas tree. Small, tabletop models are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Adding small ornaments can create a festive look without taking up a lot of space. Simple bows and a strand of lights will keep the tree looking elegant.

Rustic Tree


Add a rustic touch with wooden ornaments for a country-inspired Christmas tree. Add a bird nest and some pine cones to create a warm and cozy looking tree that will look perfect in a log cabin style home.

Winter Inspired


Decorate a tree with white and silver snowflake ornaments, white lights and icicles for a snow inspired tree. Add some silver, white, and clear ornaments and tinsel to complete the look.

Frugal Tree


Being on a budget doesn't mean sacrificing a beautifully decorated tree. Round ball ornaments can be purchased in multi-packs from discount and dollar stores. Add stick-on bows to the branches, or pick up a stand of traditional tinsel garland if you want to add a little bulk to the tree. A basic star topper doesn't break the budget and finishes off your tree perfectly.

White Flocked Tree


A white flocked Christmas tree is the perfect pallate to build any type of look. Vivid colors, like gold, pink, purple, and turquoise, will really stand out against a white background. Add a few strings of bright, multi-colored lights to help create this colorful Christmas look.

Family Ornament Tree


Tell a story on your tree by buying a new ornamnet every year, and then using the same ornaments each holiday season to create a tree that is colorful, uniquely yours, and tells a story. Select an ornament for each member of the family that represents something that happened to them that year, or pick a family ornament that displays the date. These ornaments can be fun conversation pieces when guests come over for the holidays.

Monochromatic Tree


A monochromatic tree is a perfect way to create an elegant look. Pick one color and use that for the decorations to get the look. You can also use the main color of a room as the inspiration for ornament color and style.

Historical Trees


Instead of purchasing glitzy, modern decorations, consider going with a historical look for your holiday tree. A Victorian tree uses candles, red faux berry garlands, red bows and angels as decorations.

Handmade Decorations


There is no rule that trees need to be decorated with store-bought decorations; share in some family time and create your own homemade ornaments. You can save some special ornaments and use them year after year. Homemade ornaments not only look great on Christmas trees, but can be meaningful and special.

Unique Tree Colors


While red, green, blue, silver and gold are the most traditional colors for decorating a Christmas tree, you can always think outside of the box. Go with an unusual color to truly make your tree stand out from the traditional trees found in most homes. Bright yellow, pastel pink and orange can look great against a green tree and add some color to your home during the holidays.

Red and White Tree


Get some inspiration for your tree from unlikely - yet completely holiday appropriate sources - such as a candy cane. This white tree uses red garland wrapped so the white alternates with the red, giving it a candy cane-inspired vibe. The red bulb ornaments help complete the look and make it unique.

Flowering Tree


Large red and white poinsettia blossoms placed at random over the tree helps elevate the entire look to one of elegance and sophistication. Using matching blooms and colors elsewhere in the décor makes a subtle theme throughout the room.

Butterfly Tree


A well decorated Christmas tree doesn't have to use only Christmas-themed decorations. This beautiful tree includes several large butterflies perched on the branches. The butterflies contrast the snowflake ornaments and the traditional bulbs to make a personal statement.

Baby-Themed Tree


If your year has been marked by an event worth celebrating, consider making it the theme of your tree. This baby-themed tree features tiny clothes in pink and blue, along with teddy bears, shoes, blocks, and angels. Any major event can be worked into a tree theme in the same way, using multiples of three or four items.

Sports-Themed Tree


Another way to create a personal, expressive tree is to create a theme around something you or your family is passionate about. This sports-themed tree features soccer balls, bowling pins, and golf bags, giving each family member's favorite sport a chance to shine.

Pink Tree


Make a statement this Christmas by abandoning the traditional colors and embracing something unusual like this pink tree. Silver, white and gold ornaments give a nod to more traditional colors, while other shades of pink help cement the theme.

Blue Flowers


The color blue is often overlooked in Christmas decor, but it pairs beautifully with silver and gold, as well as white to create a wintery theme. This tree uses not only gold and silver ornaments and white poinsettia flowers, it also uses blue hydrangea bunches as a subtle pop of color.

Carousel Tree


Create a magical tree that is sure to capture everyone's imagination with a themed tree that uses a single large, unusual element repeatedly like this carousel tree. The horses placed at varying heights around the tree make it look like it's in motion, while the backdrop of bulb ornaments and snowflakes grounds the design.

Tree Topper


Put the perfect finishing touch on any tree with a tree topper. A large bow is an inexpensive way to finish a tree, especially if it's decorated with ribbon. Many people like to use stars and angels as their tree toppers as well.

In the end, it doesn't matter how you decorate your Christmas tree, as long as you love the final look.

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22 Beautiful Decorated Christmas Tree Ideas