8 Religious Christmas Gifts Perfect for All Ages

Gifts With Religious Themes


Christmas gifts with a religious theme can be a great choice for friends and family who make their faith an important part of their daily lives. From household items to jewelry and more, you are sure to find something appropriate for Christians of all ages. Many items are not only great for the Christmas season but can be enjoyed year-long as well.

Nativity Scene


Nativity scenes can be found in a range of sizes and prices. They represent the birth of Jesus and often include a stable, figurines of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, as well as animals. Many Christians place a nativity under their Christmas tree as a special reminder of their faith. This is a great gift for a family or those just starting out who may not have many holiday decorations.

Cross Jewelry


There are many options when it comes to jewelry featuring a religious cross. Both men and women will appreciate styles done in gold or silver that feature gemstones. You can also find ones done in simple, understated designs. Look for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that feature a cross.

Beautiful Bible


A Bible is a special gift suitable for people of all ages. You can find Bibles done in traditional styles with a leather cover as well ones done in a more decorative style. Children's Bibles are also available for toddler and school-age children. A Bible is a meaningful gift that will remind the recipient of how much you appreciate his or her faith.

Rosary Beads


Rosary beads make a lovely gift that will be treasured by the recipient for years and are especially appropriate for teens and adults of the Catholic faith. Rosary beads come in a wide range of colors and can be boxed in a metal or wood case for easy carrying and storage. You can find rosary beads at most Christian store as well as online at religious sites.

Angel Figurines


Angel figurines are highly collectable by Christians of all ages. You can find angels crafted from wood such as the ones by Willow Tree, ones done in ceramic, and even ones that are designed to hold a candle. Angels are a great addition to any Christmas décor and can be appreciated all year round as well.

Just For The Tree


A Christmas ornament with a religious theme is an ideal gift that can be enjoyed year after year. Each time the ornament is hung on the tree, the recipient not only will think of his or her faith but of you as well. Pick ones out for kids that have whimsical animals or Jesus characters drawn on them; choose ornaments for adults with a more elegant theme, such as crystal angels, wooden crosses, or porcelain bulbs with a nativity scene.

Christian Candle


A candle is a simple gift that can displayed or lit in remembrance of someone special or simply in honor of the holiday. For the Christmas season, choose a candle with a decorative cross embellished on it or one with a religious theme. You can also make one yourself using a store-bought candle and adding decorative beads in a cross design. Teen girls and women are sure to appreciate this gift.

Gift of Music


Music is appreciated by people of all ages. You can choose to give a book of songs, a Christian music cd, or even tickets to a local Christian concert as a special Christmas gift. For a special touch, gather family and friends and experience joy in singing your favorite Christmas songs.

Simple Yet Thoughtful


Purchase religious-themed Christmas cards that you to attach to your religious gift, or give adults a pack of cards as the gift itself during the holiday season. Cards can be displayed as part of any Christmas décor and convey a message of faith to those who receive them.

A gift for Christmas need not be overly expensive or elaborate. When choosing a gift, not only consider your budget, but the special meaning behind the gift. Sometimes the simplest gift is the most thoughtful one of all.

8 Religious Christmas Gifts Perfect for All Ages