Small Tabletop Christmas Trees: Options & Decor Ideas

Baby decorating a small tabletop Christmas tree
Let kids help decorate their own tabletop tree.

Small tabletop Christmas trees can make a unique statement in your holiday decorating scheme.

Miniature Artificial Trees

An artificial Christmas tree can be used for several years, and tabletop ones are small enough to store without taking up a lot of space. They are perfect for someone who does not like the smell or have the time to care for a live tree.

Faux Real Trees

Tabletop artificial trees can resemble a real tree, just like their larger counterparts. You can choose to pick one up at a discount store or online retailer that comes undecorated or fully decorated, like the Alpine Tabletop Christmas Tree.

The Christmas ornaments are often smaller than normal and usually include bows, boxes and candy canes. Regular sized bulbs in one or two colors with coordinating ribbon can also look elegant on an artificial tabletop tree.

Whimsical Trees

A small tree does not always look like a regular tree. Instead, you can find ones made out of various materials for a quirky, fun look. For example, this jingle bell tree will complete a creatively decorated red room. Carved wooden miniature trees and felt trees are other popular materials for making a whimsical tree.

Collectible trees are often made out of porcelain or other fine materials. They usually feature a theme, such as the Nativity, Santa, holiday scenes or trademarked characters. These trees may light up or rotate. View the selection of tabletop trees at The Bradford Exchange, which include trees from the popular artist Thomas Kinkade.

Live Tabletop Trees

Just because a tree is small does not mean it cannot be real. Christmas tree shops often have a wide variety of small trees to choose from, including spruce, fir and pine. You can also send these live trees to people who live far away, like college students or those who live in warm climates where the evergreens may not be readily available.

Similar to the faux trees, live Christmas trees can come with decorations or without. Order real trees online at these retailers like Harry & David.

Shipping for live trees can be expensive, so be sure to check your total before you place the final order. Purchasing from a local tree service that offers delivery in the town where you want the tree shipped may be a better option to lower costs versus ordering online.

Decorate with Small Tabletop Christmas Trees

Small trees can be used as Christmas décor throughout your home. They offer an alternative to having the traditional big Christmas tree in your living room or dining area.

Use a tall table as a base for a small tree that is to be the focal point of the room. Cover it in a long tree skirt or holiday tablecloth that touches the floor. Set the tree up atop the table. Christmas gifts can be piled and stacked around the table.

Another way to utilize the size of a tabletop tree is to give each room a tree of their own. One placed in the kitchen can be decorated with cooking utensils and gingerbread men. Sports memorabilia decorations are perfect for the tree in the den or office, while kids might enjoy putting personalized ornaments or special Hallmark ornaments that reflect their personality on a tree in their room.

Placing a small tree near a fireplace or upon a mantel can be a good addition to holiday décor. Using a miniature tabletop tree in part of an electric train display can be another festive use for the tree. Small trees sprayed with flocked snow can flank larger ones to create a winter wonderland display in a room with lots of floor space.

Whether live or faux, a small tabletop Christmas tree is a great addition to your Christmas decorations. Take photographs of children, pets and yourself next to your display and add them to your Christmas cards.

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Small Tabletop Christmas Trees: Options & Decor Ideas