6 Unique Christmas Food Traditions to Make Your Own

Plate of gingerbread men and gumdrops for Christmas
In many homes, food is an important part of holiday festivities.

Unique food traditions for Christmas can be a great way to make fun holiday memories for your family.

The Sensations of Christmas

What do you think of first when someone mentions Christmas? Opening gifts? Singing Christmas songs? Sipping hot cocoa by a warm fire? Baking cookies? Christmas is a feast for the senses, so it's only logical that food-related traditions are an important part of the holiday for many families.

Examples of Unique Food Traditions for Christmas

If you're looking for traditions to incorporate into your Christmas celebration, you've come to the right place!

The Christmas Cookie Exchange

One of the most common Christmas food traditions is hosting a Christmas cookie exchange. Even if you love to bake, it can be difficult to find enough time to make enough different types of cookies to please every member of your family. To solve this problem, host a party where guests each bring three or four dozen of their best cookies. Divide the cookies equally among the participants and you'll have a tray of sweets to enjoy without spending hours in the kitchen!

Edible Christmas Decorations

Whether you're on a tight budget or simply looking for a fun craft to enjoy with your children, making edible Christmas decorations is a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

A gingerbread house makes a beautiful centerpiece on your holiday table. Decorate your tree with popcorn and cranberry strings, then add some sugar cookie ornaments and candy canes for a sweet finishing touch.

Outside your home, consider making decorations that your animal friends can enjoy. For example, peanut butter pinecones are a simple craft that provides birds with a tasty snack during the cold winter months.

Orange in a Stocking

In many homes, it's traditional for children to receive an orange in the toe of their stocking on Christmas morning. Nobody seems to know how this ritual started, although today's cash-strapped parents often point out that all orange is an inexpensive way to fill up some of the space in the stocking.

Ethnic Food

One way to teach your children about their family heritage is to celebrate Christmas by including some traditional ethic foods in your holiday meal. For example, families in Germany typically enjoy fish or goose as part of their Christmas meal. Gingerbread cookies and stollen, a fruitcake with raisins, and sometimes marzipan, are popular Christmas desserts.

Unique food traditions for Christmas can be a fun and educational way to celebrate the holiday.

The Non-Traditional Meal

If your family hates to cook and isn't into the traditional Christmas foods, a non-traditional meal might be just what you need. Consider having one of the following on Christmas day:

  • Pizza
  • Chinese takeout
  • Marconi and cheese
  • Fried chicken
  • Chili

Feeding Those Who Are Less Fortunate

Since Christmas is a time to help others, consider incorporating one of the following charitable traditions into your holiday season:

  • Volunteer to serve meals at a local soup kitchen.
  • Collect food to donate to a nearby food pantry.
  • Adopt a needy family in your community and present them with small gifts and a box of items to use to prepare their Christmas meal.
  • Invite an elderly neighbor with no nearby relatives over to your home to enjoy Christmas dinner.
  • Take treats to the residents at a nearby nursing home, then stay to sing some carols.

Documenting Christmas Traditions

Making a scrapbook that documents your family's Christmas traditions is a great way to ensure your children have a wonderful keepsake of holiday rituals. In addition to discussing unique food traditions for Christmas, you can also create pages describing how you selected your Christmas decorations, favorite Christmas movies your family likes to watch, and traditions related to opening gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.If you're new to scrapbooking, visit LoveToKnow Scrapbooking for tips on how to start creating your first layout.

6 Unique Christmas Food Traditions to Make Your Own