Unique Religious Christmas Cards

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Amidst the commercial aspects of Christmas, many like to celebrate the original meaning of the season with unique religious Christmas cards. Most religious Christmas cards include one of the following elements:

  • A full nativity scene
  • Mary holding the baby Jesus
  • Mary, Joseph, and Jesus
  • The Three Wise Men traveling or presenting their gifts
  • An angel

While these iconic images can create beautiful and meaningful cards, sometimes you want something a little different. You want a card that fits your personality or sense of style and won't blend in with dozens of other cards. With the right design, your card can stand out while still offering a religious message.

Unique Religious Christmas Cards Online

While you can spend hours looking through the racks at your local card shop to find the perfect design, the best selection of unique Christmas cards can be found online.

Bridge Building Images

Bridge Building Images creates unique religious Christmas cards by adding Native American imagery to classic Christian themes. Each of the following cards feature Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and the Magi as Native Americans, adorned in traditional attire:

In addition to Christmas wishes, the cards also include narratives explaining the history of the artwork.

Coalition for Christian Outreach

The Coalition for Christian Outreach eschews traditional images and art styles while also focusing on Bible verses outside of those commonly used in Christmas cards. A few of their selections include:

  • Christmas Crown - This design features a pine tree topped with a crown of thorns.

Homemade Cards

If your search for unique religious Christmas cards leaves you without the perfect design, try making your own. You can use a card-making computer program like the Art Explosion Christian Greeting Card Factory or call on your crafting skills. When you customize the artwork, message, and layout, you create the ultimate unique card.

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Unique Religious Christmas Cards