13 Creative Bird Christmas Decoration Ideas

Bird house and Cardinal Christmas decoration
Incorporate birds into holiday décor with birdhouse centerpieces.

Wild bird Christmas decorations can look lovely in a home decorated with a wilderness or natural flair. The bird theme can be incorporated into a number of decorating aspects: ornaments, indoor decorations, and outdoor decorations.

Wild Bird Christmas Decorations for Trees

A tree is the usual habitat for most birds. Therefore, decorating your tree with wild bird Christmas ornaments is a natural extension. Plus, the tree often sets the tone of decorations for the rest of the house. You could decorate your tree with bird decorations you find at craft fairs or make yourself. Handmade ornaments add a vintage touch to your tree.

Another style of ornament to choose is that where the birds are personified. They may have human-like facial expressions, and wear scarves, hat, mittens, or Santa Claus outfits. The birds may also be depicting holiday scenes, like sledding, ice skating, drinking cocoa, or other winter activities. Children may be especially amused by these types of ornaments.

A third type from which to choose are those which depict the natural beauty of the birds. These may be life-like reproductions of actual species. Color, size, and features will mimic the real life characteristics of the birds, usually in winter settings. Your tree may also reflect a certain wild bird species theme, such as tropical birds or those native to your home state.

You may want to stick with one type of holiday bird ornament or create a hodge-podge tree that incorporates a variety of wild bird decorations. The following stores offer nice ornaments to start your wild bird decorating:

  • Animal Den-Beautiful porcelain ornaments with a number of bird species pictured.
  • Bugs and Stuff-This website features several species of bird ornaments, like American Robins, Cardinals, Doves, and Orioles.
  • Garden Artisans-Check back in Fall 2007 for ornament availability. This store also has owls, goldfinches, chickadees, and more.
  • Menagerie Mayhem-Fun bird ornaments, including ones that have the birds wearing Santa hats and reindeer antlers.

Indoor Wild Bird Decorations

Add wild bird accents throughout your home to match the tree. You do not have to stick to actual birds in your decorating, either. Consider adding complimentary accents, such as feathers to a Christmas wreath or garland, or nests with ornaments instead of eggs. Instead of making a gingerbread house as your table's centerpiece, make a gingerbread birdhouse.

Other fun Christmas decorating ideas for the inside of your home that incorporate a wild bird theme include:

  • Replace your regular coasters with these holiday bird coasters.
  • Place birdhouses along your mantelpiece instead of the usual holiday village. Do not forget to add the faux snow.
  • Serve your snacks on a holiday platter featuring birds.
  • Bake cut-out cookies in the shapes of birds and decorate them to match. Add a green or red icing scarf around their neck.
  • Have your family wear Christmas sweaters or sweatshirts featuring birds for the family Christmas picture.
  • Choose to send out Christmas cards with wild birds as a main feature in the decoration. Frame the front of the card (if blank) and hang in place of one of your pictures in the family room.

Outdoor Bird Christmas Decorations

Because wild birds are found outside, it is only fitting that you should also include a few bird themed outdoor Christmas decorations in your décor plans. For example, add a festive birdhouse to your yard for the birds to nest in.

You could also add a seasonal flag to your yard that features birds in a winter scene. Purchase a Christmas inflatable in the shape of a cardinal with a Santa hat to place in your front yard.

Of course, the best way to decorate the great outdoors is not just to showcase wild birds, but actually help them. Make a Christmas ornament that feeds the birds during the chilly winter months. You can make them out of fruit, pinecones, birdseed, peanut butter, and more. Find a recipe for a mix that dries hard and then cut them out into holiday shapes like stars and bells. Hang them from low tree branches in line with a window so you can see the birds eating throughout the day.

No matter what kind of wild birds are your favorite, it is easy and simple to incorporate wild bird Christmas decorations into your holiday theme.

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13 Creative Bird Christmas Decoration Ideas