Printable Christmas Tree Templates & Craft Ideas

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Free printable Christmas tree templates are ideal for any exciting and fun holiday project that the entire family can enjoy. Start with several Christmas tree designs and print as many as you wish for tree ornaments, 3D Christmas trees, Christmas cards, placemats, wall art, and even Christmas tree pillows.

Free Printable Christmas Tree Images

Choose from a Christmas tree with ornaments or without them, depending on your needs. Click on either of the thumbnails below, then use a guide to Adobe printables to determine how to download and print the files. Instructions will vary based on the browser you use.

basic tree template
decorated tree template
Christmas Tree Template Thumbnai
Stylized Christmas tree template

Using a Cut Out Christmas Tree

Once you've downloaded and printed the file(s), there are plenty of options for using them. Your children can color them and decorate them with glue and glitter. Encourage your children to unleash their decorating talents!

Wall Art

You can display your kids' art on the wall in the living room or their bedrooms. Create a Christmas theme only refrigerator display with these and other Christmas artwork.

Christmas Placemats

Make your child's art last from one Christmas to another by laminating their tree works of art. You can then use them throughout the Christmas season as placemats for family meals. Before laminating, personalize each one by drawing a garland that spells out each child's name.

Crafts and Art Party

If you're hosting a Christmas party with lots of children in attendance, print out the trees on white or green cardstock. Set up a craft station with age-appropriate decorative items for the kids to cutout the trees and decorate using crayons, glitter, star stickers, beads, wrapped candy, etc.

Cut Out for Wrapping Paper

You can print smaller sizes of the tree shape onto cardstock and cutout to use for decorating wrapping paper. Show your children how to trace the image onto plain wrapping paper. Let them decorate the tree shape and paper. Wrap the present for a fun way to decorating Christmas presents.

Christmas paper background texture

Gift Tags

You can modify the print size for a gift tag size. Let your children cut out the tree shapes and with a hole puncher, clip a hole at the top of the tree. Provide different choices of ribbons and yarns to loop through the hole as well as decorating items so your children can create one-of-a-kind gift tags for family and friends.

Homemade Christmas Cards

You can print the Christmas tree onto a greeting card stock paper by adjusting the tree size to fit the card. Children can color the tree on each card, add a special message inside. Let your child address the envelope (if old enough to write) and place the stamp on the envelope. Finally, let your child place the card in the mailbox for a satisfying ending to this family project.

Little Girl Making Christmas Card

Make Tree Pillows

You aren't limited to just paper cutouts for your Christmas tree crafts. Select the Christmas tree(s) you wish to use and print onto fabric transfer paper.


  • Printer
  • Fabric transfer paper
  • Plain or printed fabrics
  • Sewing machine and matching thread or needle and thread if sewing by hand
  • Decorating supplies, glitter, glue, yarns, ribbons, miniature Christmas ornaments, etc.
  • Polyester fiberfill for stuffing


  1. Print two identical trees on fabric transfer paper to make one tree pillow.
  2. You can iron the printed fabric transfer paper onto pieces of printed or plain fabric.
  3. Cut out two identical trees.
  4. Sew the two trees together, making sure the right sides are facing each other.
  5. Leave a two-inch opening at the bottom so you can turn the tree right side out.
  6. Let each child decorate each side of the tree prior to stuffing. If using miniature ornaments, manually sew onto the tree with a needle and thread.
  7. If using glue and other items that need to dry, be sure to allow enough dry time before attempting to stuff with the filler.
  8. Provide your children with polyester fiberfill for stuffing the tree.
  9. Use a slip stitch to close the opening used for stuffing the pillow.
  10. You can also reduce the print size to make different pillow sizes, such as small, medium, and full size.

You can place the tree pillows in a Christmas basket by the hearth as part of your holiday decor or use as a dining table or foyer console table centerpiece. Each child may want to place their Christmas tree pillow on their bed to bring the festive season into their personal space.

Christmas tree handmade pillow

Make a 3D Christmas Tree

You want to print the same tree template twice. You can use plain white printing paper or opt for a green paper.

Step One: Cut Out Tree Shapes

Using a pair of scissors, cut out the two tree shapes. Place the cut out tree templates back-to-back and if necessary, trim so they are identical.

Step Two: Color and Decorate Both Sides

Your kids may want to decorate the trees. They'll need to color the front and back of each tree cutout.

Step Three: Fold Each Tree

Once your children have finished coloring the Christmas trees, they'll need to fold each a tree vertically. Fold the length of the tree in half so the edges come together evenly.

Step Four: Glue Trees Together

Using a paper glue, your kids will run a glue line along the folded edge of one tree. Attach the other tree by placing the folded edge along the glue line of the other folded tree.

Step Five: Drying Time

The trees should be set aside to allow the glue to dry. If desired, you can weigh down the trees with a book to ensure the glued edges set firmly together.

Step Six: Unfold Tree

Once the tree is dry, it's time to reveal your kids' masterpieces. Carefully, open/unfold the outer edges of the tree, so it fans out. There should be four tree halves fused together in the center. The tree cutouts are now 3D and you can place them upright on a table, mantel, windowsill or shelf.

Step Seven: Make a Christmas Forest

Your children can create a vignette of decorated Christmas trees. Use fake snow or cotton balls that you can stretch and pull apart to resemble tufts of snow. Place around the trees for a snowy Christmas forest.

White christmas tree scene

Free Printable Christmas Trees for Holiday Fun

Using free printable Christmas tree templates, you can ensure your children have a fun holiday season. Add a couple of Christmas games in the mix and your kids will have great memories of this time spent together. Make sure you print plenty of copies in case any adults want to join in the fun!

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Printable Christmas Tree Templates & Craft Ideas