15 Christmas Card Sayings to Express Your Holiday Wishes

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Coming up with Christmas card sayings is important when you have cards that do not have a pre-printed message inside.

Examples of Christmas Card Sayings

Sending out Christmas cards is a holiday tradition for many individuals and families. Having a simple saying on the inside of the card is a good way to express your thoughts for the holiday season to friends and family.

Match Card Style to Saying

Matching the saying inside the card to to the style or design on the front of the card is a good way to create a cohesive holiday greeting. For example, a company Christmas card mailed to clients is usually themed around the business and should have a professional tone to the greeting, such as Enjoy the upcoming year and thank you for your continued patronage. Other ideas include:

  • A saying in a Christmas card with dogs might go something like this: Have a barking good Christmas and a tail-waggin' New Year!
  • Christmas cards with motorcycles might have a saying something like: Celebrate Christmas on two wheels!
  • Coloring Christmas cards are usually from children, so consider a phrase that is simple: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  • Give religious Christmas cards with a saying that highlights faith: May the Lord's blessings be upon you this Christmas season as we honor the miracles of the past and those to come.
  • Photo Christmas card lines might mention the family in the picture: Happy holidays from our family to yours!

Another great idea is to use lines from popular holiday songs in your Christmas cards. With the amount of holiday songs to choose, you are sure to find a few stanzas that fit your card's theme or your thoughts. A song is also the perfect thing to use in a music-themed Christmas card.

General Sayings for Holiday Cards

Not every Christmas card has a theme and sometimes, you may simply want a basic holiday greeting to write inside. Consider using one of these more general sayings inside your holiday card:

  • May your holiday be joyous.
  • May the peace of the season fall upon you as gently as the snowflakes on Christmas morning.
  • Season's greetings for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  • Sharing with you the love and hope this season brings.
  • Sending warm wishes to you and your family this Christmas!
  • Here's to a merry and bright Christmas Day!
  • May your holiday season be filled with you and the New Year brimming with hope.
  • Bringing you a message of joy and hope this Christmas and into the coming year!
  • Here's to hoping Santa fills your Christmas stocking with everything you wished for and more!
  • Enjoy a cozy Christmas morning and share love with friends and family this season.
  • May your New Year shine as brightly as the twinkling stars on Christmas Eve.

People who truly want to create a unique and special message for their holiday cards should consider writing a Christmas poem. The poem can be humorous, sentimental or religious, depending on the message you want to send in your Christmas cards. Write a single couplet, haiku or other form of verse that you are most comfortable writing. If you cannot write a poem yourself, consider using one from someone else, making sure you credit your source in the cards.

Meaningful Christmas Card Message

The Christmas card sayings inside a holiday greeting card should reflect your personality and the sentiment you want to convey to your family and friends. Even if you aren't writing the saying yourself, it is important to read the message before you sign your name below. This way, you can be sure that the saying matches your feelings. Use some of the examples above for a blank inside or printable Christmas card, or keep them in mind when searching for the perfect card at the store. Send out your Christmas greetings with a meaningful saying or message.

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15 Christmas Card Sayings to Express Your Holiday Wishes