Christmas Countdown Clock: An Exciting Holiday Decoration

Christmas clock

A Christmas countdown clock is a wonderful addition to any holiday decorating customs in your household. This piece will also help eager children (or the young at heart) know exactly how many days are left until they can celebrate Christmas with friends and family.

Countdown Days Before Christmas

Counting down the days 'til Christmas is a custom in many households. Marking the calendar days off with a large "X" might be okay for some people, but for those who revel in holiday cheer, that may not be enough to announce the arrival of the gloriously exciting day.

Clocks usually have a holiday-themed design. Some are a religious Christmas decoration for your mantel, while others might be a Christmas ornament featuring Santa. Others are collectibles, such as the Hallmark Christmas ornament countdown clock from 2010.

Each clock will countdown the days in a different way. Some include hours, minutes and even seconds, while others will leave it to the days. Most of the clocks are programmable from a certain point, meaning you can begin counting down anywhere from one year to 99 days to one month before the holiday itself.

Place the Christmas countdown clock where everyone can see it. Kitchen countertops, mantels and bookshelves are popular places. Excited children may delight in seeing it on a nightstand near their beds.

You can also jazz up your outdoor holiday decorations with a countdown clock, such as this one from Decra Lite.

Styles of Christmas Countdown Clocks

When shopping for a Christmas countdown clock, look for one that fits your personal style and needs. This way, it is sure to become one of your family's most popular Christmas decorations. One of these clocks should fit into your Christmas planning:

  • Digital: Digital clocks are easy for even the youngest children to read and understand. They often light up and have red or green lights to tie into the holiday theme.
  • Computer: Computer clocks come in several forms. You can find clocks available for download to your desktop or as a screensaver; many social networking sites have Christmas countdown applications; and you can often add a ticker to the bottom of your e-mail signature that counts down the days. Finally, consider finding a countdown website and simply bookmarking it for quick reference when you need to know how many days are left before Christmas.
  • Manual: Manual countdown clocks are usually known as Advent calendars. These calendars usually begin on December 1 and have a small drawer or door for you to open each day leading up to Christmas. If you want to use the calendar like a countdown clock for days, simply work backwards. The day after your last open door is how many days are actually left until the holiday.

If you have very young kids or are hearing impaired, consider finding a clock that will have an audio option. This way everyone can partake in counting down the days before Christmas.

Remember that if you choose to purchase a countdown clock, you will make it a cheap Christmas decoration if you buy one that can be reset for each year.

Clock Availability

Holiday countdown clocks are a novelty Christmas decoration. Like other Christmas items, they are not usually available until the holiday season begins. Christmas-themed specialty stores may carry the clocks year-round, but discount, department and online retailers may not get the clocks in stock until the fall.

Luckily, if you prefer a web-based clock, you can usually find them online year-round. Places such as and offer a spot where you can check on the countdown, even on January 1.

Countdown Clock Fun

Have fun with your Christmas countdown clock. Announce the days remaining until the big holiday each morning before breakfast or during the evening supper. Have kids take turns checking the clock, too. A clock is a great decoration that will quickly turn into a festive Christmas custom for your family.

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Christmas Countdown Clock: An Exciting Holiday Decoration